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15 Year Digital Marketing Agency for Government Entities & Small Businesses – Strong LTV & Recurring Revenue – Long Term Contracts


Website Closers® presents a digital marketing agency with more than 15 years of experience helping Government Agencies and Small Businesses boost their lead generation efforts through a number of tactics, including search engine optimization, website design, social media marketing and optimization for mobile devices. As so much of the purchasing process has shifted into the online space, especially mobile, digital marketing has become the primary form of advertising today. This popular firm connects advertisers with their audiences across digital channels to powerfully engage consumers through display, video, social media, and search engines. This is a swiftly growing field. Globally, the digital marketing industry was valued at $340 billion in 2020 and is projected to continue to scale dramatically, earning another 17.6% by 2026.

What makes this company particularly valuable is their track record of success, especially with the government sector. The brand’s customer base is loyal, and their retention rate is high. Many accounts have stayed with them for many years; the company enjoys solid recurring revenue from private sector and highly valuable state, federal and local government agencies as a result. With over $1,000,000 in new government contracts won and $723,154 in private contracts coming over the next few years, this provides stable recurring revenue that a buyer will walk into on Day 1.

A huge boon to any buyer, the current experienced team delivers unbeatable services that keeps clients coming back. The company has built a set of SOPs for most of the agency’s tasks, which ensure that the team functions at top performance levels without needing regular input from the owner. The SOPs spell out, in detail, how all marketing projects should be handled for clients, making it a simple and straight forward task for any employee.

Client management is handled by 2 skilled project managers who have been with the company for more than 8 years. These managers are experts in client onboarding, communications, coordination, and more. The project managers also oversee the work done by freelancers executing those tasks. Anyone with a background in online marketing would find the current framework incredibly intuitive and will quickly grasp the details of each project. Additionally, the current owner is available to stay on post-acquisition in some capacity to assist with the transition, potentially retaining equity as well if desired by the new owner.

This company has been a consistently scaling business that has attracted business clients across a myriad of highly lucrative fields. Their top industries include healthcare, insurance, retail, merchant services, niche businesses, and other B2B clientele. The digital agency has done particularly well in winning long-standing contracts from government offices for their tremendously detailed needs. This path represents a key growth opportunity. While applying for and winning government contracts can be a slow and cumbersome process, this brand has already demonstrated how profitable and impactful it can be. In fact, this company has developed a system that simplifies the arduous process, helping them to identify, qualify and successfully submit bids for government contracts. Expanding on this would be an invaluable opportunity for lasting success.

The agency now has 12 services offerings for clients that consist of, social media marketing, search engine optimization, website design and development, media planning and buying, mobile web design, online reputation management, and video production. The company’s reviews make it perfectly clear that their services are working. Clients have noted that they now get most of their leads from the internet, that they are ranking much higher in search engines, and sales in some instances have tripled since they began working with this agency.

Naturally, the company applies these same techniques to their own growth opportunities. Their SEO program has enabled the business to rank impressively on online search engines, and their glowing online reviews have helped to generate new leads as well.

Their client base is growing so swiftly that the company now has 3,000+ subscribers in their email database. Their active presence on social media, with more than 7,000+ combined followers on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts delivers tremendous consumer reach and awareness. At this point, everything the company is doing as far as their marketing is concerned is working.

However, some simple enhancements to this strategy could increase profits substantially. One method would be to launch PPC ads on Google and on Facebook to help drive more traffic to the website. This business has traditionally relied on organic traffic, which has brought 1,370+ visits per month to their website, but those numbers could clearly get a boost from paid advertising. The company could also devote some effort to fully optimizing more of their website pages for SEO keywords to get higher search rankings.

A final scaling option would be to tap into an advertising method with a high success rate, which is cold email prospecting. Targeted cold emails could be an enormously effective way to make new personal connections with prospects for new leads.

The current owner often spends just 25 hours per week managing this business, with tasks that include managing the team, handling marketing, some client engagement, attending kick off meetings, running weekly team meetings and reviewing government proposals before they get submitted.
The owner’s primary task is simply ensuring that every is running smooth. The team this company has in place – which includes a customer service manager, marketing coordinator, and sales representative – keep daily operations running smoothly.

Digital marketing services are a booming field today, increasingly in demand by businesses eager to reach their client base where they’re looking: online through their laptop or smartphone. Companies that can demonstrate a long record of successfully helping other businesses do just that will have a major advantage in the future, as this brand does.

This is a high-performing company with a steady and loyal base of clients, with the ability to quickly increase profitability in simple and proven ways. This is a great opportunity waiting to be discovered.

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$ 2,500,000
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