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15 Year eCommerce Retailer in the Custom Furniture Space – Low Overhead – Easy to Operate


This fully established, 15-year-old eCommerce furniture brand drives incredible profits through effective margins and a multitude of customization options. With an impressive average order value of $1,720, this extraordinary offering provides the highest quality goods exclusively, from top industry brands. Offering a carefully curated array of elegant, eco-friendly offerings, this company sources its impeccably designed products from 50 domestic brands as well as a mix of international brands. Since the last earnings report, this incredible opportunity has grown at 10% per month. Leveraging a 100% just in time shipping model, this unparalleled opportunity operates with minimal overhead costs to drive incredible margins. Currently maintaining consistent growth and revenue, this company has countless opportunities to rapidly scale. From extending onto outside selling platforms such as, Wayfair, Overstock or brick-and-mortar sellers all the way to digital branding campaigns, there are countless ways to scale this brand that any capable buyer would be able to take full advantage of.

Selling on their own streamlined Shopify website, this highly profitable company provides products across all the most popular interior design styles. In fact, they carry more than 5,466 individual SKUs that each come in multiple color options for each customer to choose from. The average customer for this business is a young to middle ages adult (30-50) who owns their home and lives near a major city or metropolitan area. That being said, there is incredible opportunity for growth by partnering with interior designers, organizations, and franchises that will require consistent and high value products. Perfectly positioned for scale in this direction, the target already provides options within the office décor vertical.

Dedicating a cumulative average of 35 hours per week, the 2 current owners of this company are responsible for organizing orders, tending to customer service concerns, shipping, and managing the financial tracking. These functions demand no specialized skills, meaning that a capable buyer of any background should be able to easily and seamlessly step into this position. Supporting no additional staff, this offering operates with unparalleled margins and can be effectively transitioned and relocated for the convenience of the lucky new owner.

An ever-increasing opportunity, this offering has been driving success since 2005. With strong, established branding and industry-renowned reliability, any new owner will be set up for fantastic gains. Delivering a solid foundation, this company has an average rate of 15,000 new and unique visitors each month along with a whopping 23% recurring customer rate. Growing solely through word of mouth, these numbers will only rise with the additional marketing and selling efforts implemented by a new owner.

Flourishing tremendously, this company leverages highly strategic retargeting initiatives along with a multitude of AdWords campaigns in order to generate additional traffic and purchases. A new owner would be able to effectively expand these strategies to raise revenue in addition to applying other advertising options such as both paid and organic social media, taking advantage of this organizations email database of more than 22,000 contacts, SEO, and more. This brand holds immense opportunity to scale through Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook as well as through the creation of relationships with well-known interior designers as well as growing corporations and franchises. Finally, an in-house brand with original designs holds another key to expansion within this vast industry.

This widely recognized eCommerce furniture brand utilizes an optimized array of offerings, tools, and aesthetics to continuously generate increasing revenue and industry share. A fashionable and resourceful offering, this furniture company maintains a compelling overall aesthetic that speaks to customers across industries and age ranges. This careful balance of style, strategy, opportunity, and affordability are what make this offering so impactful both for its current owners and for the lucky buyer that acquires it.

This eCommerce Business Represented by:

Tech & Internet M&A

Listing ID:  WC2115

Asking Price
$ 750,000
Cash Flow
$ 263,466
Gross Income
$ 1,658,945
Year Established