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15 Year Multi-Channel CPG Brand – Outdoor Furniture Segment – eCommerce, B2B/Wholesale & Retail Channels – 65% Organic Traffic


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Patio Furniture company with a phenomenal track record in the highly lucrative Outdoor Furniture and Home Furnishing markets. With more than 18,000+ SKUs offering a mix of private label brand products and exclusive retail brands, the company has multiple sales channels – D2C, B2B Wholesale and a Retail Showroom.

This is a company that has built two successful websites to bring in 40% of their sales through online direct-to-consumer buys and an additional 40% of sales from wholesale. Highly recognized among outdoor enthusiasts, both retail and wholesale have become powerhouse brands within their high-growth markets. Their retail showroom represents 20% of sales.

Their customer base continues to grow courtesy of great organic traffic, effective paid advertising and strong word-of-mouth referrals that have become one of their healthiest marketing tools. The company has developed a reputation among both homeowners and wholesaler customers looking for patio and outdoor furniture options that are stylish, offer durability, and are sturdy and high-quality.

Another key factor is availability. This company has been able to meet growing demand through a hybrid inventory/dropship model that enables them to offer customers a broad catalog of patio furniture with an emphasis on design, available in mid to upper-end price points. Well-established now for 13 years, this is a terrific opportunity for a buyer to acquire a long-established, multi-channel leading national provider of outdoor furniture.

This is a significant profit-making industry. The global outdoor furniture market is valued at $44.23 billion and projected to grow by 5.7% through 2030, driven by the real estate market, the desire among homeowners to turn their outdoor areas into enticing living spaces for family and entertaining friends, and the high demand for stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture products in hotels, resorts, restaurants, and public gardens. There is a unified desire to enhance outside areas, making them aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

The founding partners of this business recognized those trends and have built up a turnkey operation with a full stack infrastructure that’s ready to scale in multiple ways. First, let’s go into greater detail on their history to unlock how this company was able to grow so successfully.

Originally launched in 2006 as a small eCommerce drop shipping company, their goal from the start was to provide great outdoor furniture at mid-range prices, which at the time represented a significant gap in the home furnishings market. Their success enabled the company to grow quickly. By 2009 they were designing and manufacturing their own products and offering them both to consumers and wholesale customers. Their catalog of custom furniture options skyrocketed, and in 2017 the company opened its retail showroom. Their reputation within the field of patio furniture has grown as rapidly and successfully as their original eCommerce site.

Their primary eCommerce website has become one of the top organic ranking websites for outdoor furniture, thanks to an in-house SEO team that has fully optimized the site for vibrant organic traffic.

The company is now busy signing up new brands for both their showroom and website. The retailers they work with consistently reach out to this company to collaborate with them because of their rapid growth and enviable reputation.

A second eCommerce website was launched in 2020 to market their own brand of products and has a dealer portal to collect dealer orders while also providing sales directly to consumers. For dealers, the company provides multiple pricing tiers for different volumes, and at any time the pricing can be discounted directly to consumers. The company has grown to 18,000+ Active SKUs with an Average Order Value of $2,700 on their D2C website, $1,500 on their B2B website and $3,500 in their showroom.

A unique aspect of the sites are the massive image bank that the company created, with 10,000+ images that employ expert photography and 3D modeling to capture the attention of buyers. The company has a photo studio in their warehouse as well as a sewing department to create their own branded products.

Also, the revenue across private label and retail is diversified. Today, 15% of revenue comes from DTC sales of the private label brand, while 35% is from wholesaling their brand to other companies and 50% of sales comes from retailing other brands.

While sales of outdoor furniture can often be seasonal, with sales higher in warmer months, this brand’s sales remain consistent year-round since separate parts of the country have different busy and off seasons. Their busiest months are from March to August.

Their customer base is highly diverse, typically middle to upper-class homeowners with disposable income to spend on enhancing their outdoor living space. They get orders from both men and women and from a wide range of age groups. What this company has found is that their customers are more than willing to pay a premium for higher quality patio furniture that lasts for years, since buyers see that as a long term investment in their home.

Word-of-mouth referrals have been driving sales for years, and the company also runs PPC ads and drives SEO to attract more customers. The SEO department has a strong focus on content creation that ranks for many of the most popular keywords within this field. The company enjoys a high 67,000+ average unique monthly visits to their main website, of which a whopping 63% is from organic traffic.

There are plenty of additional opportunities to send profits skyrocketing. The company has 2,000+ Facebook followers, 1,300+ on Instagram and 18,000+ on Pinterest and could develop a more robust social media marketing campaign to boost their organic traffic even higher.

The company has also enjoyed success with its email marketing and SMS text messaging campaigns and could expand both to further diversify their customer base and to promote upsells that increase their Repeat Customer Rate.

Their past use of affiliate marketing campaigns showed promise and this is another area where a reinvestment in this key marketing tool could pay off handsomely.

The company has built up a highly defined and functional infrastructure. From their 38,000 square foot warehouse they make up to 50 shipments a day, and typically carry up to $1 million in inventory to keep up with orders.

The company has an experienced team in place, including a full-time warehouse manager, three seamstresses, a showroom manager, two salespeople, two employees in charge of processing orders and handling customer service, an inventory manager and two overseeing online marketing and web development.

This team is available to stay on with a new buyer, while the owners are prepared to remain on for an extended timeframe to ensure a seamless transition and ongoing growth.

This Outdoor Furniture Brand is Represented by:

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WC 3012

Asking Price
$ 5,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,662,015
Gross Income
$ 9,900,000
Year Established