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High Growth Internet Company With Solid Margins! 

Up for sale by is an exciting, 15 year old eCommerce Company, specializing in the window treatment segment. This is an extremely rare find in the world of eCommerce, with rising year over year top and bottom line performance. They generate 100% of their revenue from online retail, with better than average margins on COGS, and an inventory model that helps to achieve maximum margins, keeping the business in a position to compete well on pricing. They have an outstanding pace of growth that is expected to continue forward into the future.

Not only is this a one-stop shop for everything “window treatment”, but it is a growing business with outstanding organic traffic metrics. Average Daily Visitors are rising and 74% of all search traffic is organic from Google, Bing and Yahoo. The organic traffic ratio is an immediate eye-opener when reviewing this business as the owner has a put a lot of time, energy and money into creating a smart, internal SEM and content development program. The results are clear – even after various Google algorithm updates, this website still stands tall for a number of high-volume, highly competitive keywords.

Business is flourishing with sales and profits growing exponentially month over month. The business has diversified its supplier base and now has 22 suppliers with few high concentration suppliers. As a 15 year old domain, organic traffic is strong for a number of keywords, including “curtains”, “window curtains”, “drapes”, “window treatments”, “discount curtains, “valances”, “online curtain store” and more. This organic traffic would take a newcomer many years to obtain, not to mention the strength built upon the website\\\\\\\’s long tail search results. In addition to organic traffic, the company has a strong marketing campaign in place, including Pay Per Click on Google and Bing Ads, Email Campaigns and they have worked hard on the development of social signals.

Even though this dot com is strong and growing, there are still a number of growth opportunities available to a buyer. Low hanging fruit for this business is product and category expansion. Also, the Seller has not attempted to sell any product on Amazon, an immediate opportunity that could potentially dramatically increase top line sales. Additionally, a Buyer could begin designing and manufacturing their own line of window treatments to increase bottom line sales.

In summary, this is a solid business model with amazing cash flow and future growth potential. Window Treatments are a $1 Billion Dollar Industry with no dominant share. US ecommerce grew 13% in 2013 and is expected to show strong growth in the coming years. Now is the time to be in this business.

Asking Price
$ 3,700,000
Cash Flow
$ 550,000
Gross Income
$ 1,950,000
Year Established

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