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15 Year Old eLearning, eCommerce Business providing Products & Services to Notaries Public


Website Closers® presents an unrivaled opportunity established over the last 15 years. This is an E-Learning, eCommerce, Hybrid hub for new and renewing notaries to get their full certifications and supplies. This incredible online offering carries a 201% Earnings Growth Rate along with a 30% overall Year Over Year Growth rate. The company provides online courses for everything someone would need to become a fully certified notary, or to renew their notary commission in California. Secretary of State approved, this vendor focuses on E-Learning courses, live seminars in the greater Sacramento area, live scan and passport photo services, and the State Exam. After the Exam, they also provide a Loan Document Signing course. For both live and online courses they offer all bond and notary supplies as well. As a one-stop-shop for all things notary, this highly effective business is perfectly positioned for seamless and extensive growth. With opportunities spanning all the way from improved marketing to expanding service into more states, this impeccable business is a solid foundation that straddles two rapidly scaling markets.

Leveraging a mixed service and retail model, this company leverages a small in-house storage space to ship a moderate amount of products weekly. As this company mainly centers around it’s E-learning and live seminar services, there is very little infrastructure on the eCommerce supply side. This is a large opportunity for growth as additional SKUs and expansion onto selling platforms such as are sure to build awareness and growth for both side of the business.

Current ownership spends an average of 10-20 hours weekly running and scaling the company. However, on live seminar days, they will regularly spend 12-15 hours working each day. Their responsibilities include seminar instruction, order taking and fulfilling, administrative work, website maintenance, seminar planning, event booking, and customer service for both the learning and product sides of the business. On live seminar days the owner teaches classes, facilitates sales, assists attendees and conducts an additional loan document class. This occurs once a week.

This company’s incredible and rapid growth is entirely due to organic growth through Google as well as Google AdWords campaigns, advertising on the Secretary of State Website, and their strategic partnership with Datashere. While this is already a dynamic combination, additional growth can be easily achieved by leveraging powerful SEO Tactics, improving their current blog, and engaging in social media engagement both on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Currently, this company sells only through their own website; this leaves immeasurable room for rapid scale through extended sales channels such as Additionally, this company could grow exponentially by expanding their services into more states. This proven company has stood the test of time and is well-positioned to rapidly scale in the hands of a business-minded buyer.

This strategically developed company carries approval from the California Secretary of State, a solid growth over the last year and an impeccable history of tremendous growth for over a decade. With a streamlined business model and an impeccable industry reputation, this is a solid acquisition that can be maintained for incredible success or scaled for extraordinary results. As a leader within a niche and evergreen market, this offering is sure to bring unparalleled prosperity to the lucky new owner.

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Asking Price
$ 259,000
Cash Flow
$ 94,004
Gross Income
$ 170,088
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