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15 Year, SBA-Pre Qualified eCommerce Brand | Moroccan Artisan Foods | Long Shelf Life Products | Low Advertising Cost | 39% YOY Revenue Growth

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Website Closers® presents a tasty opportunity to dive into the exotic cuisine industry with this seasoned 15-year-old eCommerce brand. Sourcing their approximately 300 products meticulously sourced from artisans and food makers in Morocco, the brand was established with the vision of showcasing Morocco’s exquisite craftsmanship and gourmet specialty foods. The dedication and effort put forth by the ownership in realizing this vision are clearly evident.

The Products

Their products, merging traditional craftsmanship with modern sustainability, offer food enthusiasts and lovers of handmade home goods an authentic, high-quality, and eco-friendly selection.     This unique lineup has spurred a 39% year-over-year (YOY) revenue growth and maintained a TACOS of less than 10%. Available through various channels like Amazon, Etsy, wholesale, and their own website, the products appeal to a diverse audience. The Average Order Value fluctuates across different channels and product types, with the Average Wholesale Price Point at $68.67 and the Miscellaneous Average Retail Price Point around $123.56.

Their Average Order Value differs across channels and categories of products, with their Average Wholesale Price Point being $68.67, and their Misc. Average Retail Price Point sitting at $123.56.

The Inventory Management

Most of their products are housed through a Stock Inventory Model held in-house, which proves especially true for products sourced from Morocco to maintain a larger stock and mitigate shipping delays, avoid stock shortages, and reduce shipping costs. For specific items such as tiles and Tunisian olive oil, the company sources them from US distributors to better streamline inventory management, while ensuring consistent availability of these products.

Though stock is their primary method, for Amazon, they use Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service. This channel is largely used to target their food items, as while they do list other products like tiles, glasses, tagines, and some additional items on Amazon, they don’t actively promote these as much as they do their food products via FBA.

The company typically makes anywhere between 20 to 40 shipments every day.

The Staff and Operations

The current ownership’s workload includes the development of new products and recipes, forging partnerships with buyers, strategizing social media content monthly, conducting weekly team meetings for operational efficiency, and assisting with inventory orders from Morocco. They also have a team of competent employees acting in the following capacities:

  • Customer Service (Remote/Contract)
  • Sales and Direct Retail Customer Relations (Remote/Contract)
  • Social Media Manager (Remote/Contract)
  • Website Maintenance (Remote/Contract)
  • Warehouse Associates (Office)
  • Bookkeeper Assistant (Remote/Contract)

They also collaborate with 3 Specialty Food Brokers to extend their market reach, and for their Amazon operations, they have partnered with a single external agency that manages their food product listings on Amazon, oversees their Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) account for these products, and handles all the related marketing on Amazon.

The Scale Potential

With their low TACOS, this company exhibits substantial growth potential, particularly in digital marketing.      T Currently, their marketing efforts are confined to email marketing via Klaviyo and Amazon FBA advertising. Expanding into paid marketing strategies, such as PPC, enhanced Amazon FBA advertising, and SEO, could significantly amplify their visibility. This would not only draw attention to their non-Amazon storefronts, like their direct-to-consumer (D2C) website, but also boost their wholesale channel visibility.

Further strengthening these channels could involve leveraging platforms like Faire and forging partnerships through UNFI, thereby diversifying their revenue streams even more. As the brand grows, engaging new distributors would enable them to distribute their products in regions where they currently lack presence, effectively bridging geographical gaps and tapping into new, unexplored markets.

As they expand, the brand can hire new distributors to give them the material they need to better bridge geographical gaps and tap into previously unexplored markets.


This acquisition has been a labor of love for many years, and it shows in their thriving consumer base, high-quality and highly unique products, and great reputation. The seller is happy to offer in-depth training to ensure the new owner is comfortable and confident in their new role, with the ideal buyer being a marketing-savvy entrepreneur with great leadership skills, and a passion for food.

This Company is Represented by:

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WC 3264

Asking Price
$ 650,000
Cash Flow
$ 201,357
Gross Income
$ 828,846
Year Established

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