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15 Year Stock Trading Platform that Educates & Supports Current & Future Traders – 75% of Revenue is from Advertisement Sales


Website Closers® presents a Retail Trading Platform that has been in business for 15 years. The company creates content for people working in or interested in being in the lucrative field of stock trading. The company creates products that instruct, support, and educate people trying to become expert traders. Founded in 2006 as an independent publisher of investment newsletters, the products and advisory services provided by this company teach regular people how to become better and smarter traders. The company publishes a daily newsletter that has attracted 156,000+ engaged subscribers. While the company has 11 products marketed to its customer base, a whopping 75% of gross revenue comes from advertisers eager to reach those same people. As the market for online content gets stronger, this brand has done exceptionally well finding its audience within the niche field of Retail Trading.

Retail trading is booming right now, and Bloomberg Intelligence has noted that ordinary retail investors now account for 23% of all US equity trading. That’s double the level from 2019. In addition, the financial publishing space is growing rapidly as well, and there are billion-dollar companies that sell products within this space. Many of them are eager to become advertisers on this brand’s platform, knowing they provide a captive audience.

What those investors are eagerly looking for is solid advice on how to become better and smarter traders. That’s made them hungry for the kind of content this brand produces, which is why both their ad revenue and DTC product sales are doing so well.

The company was originally just an independent publisher of investment newsletters, providing stock picks to subscribers. As the company began to grow, it added experts to the team who were able to produce high quality content for this field. Eventually, the company grew large enough to rebrand itself. With a strong industrywide reputation, the brand started selling advertising on its email newsletter and website to other companies operating in the financial publishing industry. That revenue quickly became a significant part of their overall sales, enabling the company to establish its own advertising department. Now, the company’s focus is on creating expert content for their newsletter and providing advertisers with access to their massive audience.

While ad sales now generate 75% of revenue, the company also achieves sales through 11 SKUs that are marketed to individual customers, including books, posters, eBooks, and videos on stocks and options. There is also a paid newsletter sold to investors and active traders. Their content is educational and informative, and they also sell online video courses that are becoming a rising percentage of sales. The brand’s Average Order Value is $30 on DTC products and $1,200 on ad sales. The company generally does well year-round, with the only slowdown in the summer when people are on vacation and doing less trading. January, on the other hand, is a time when sales peak as people gear up to begin a new – and, they hope, profitable – year of trading.

The brand’s daily newsletter has become very appealing to advertisers because it enjoys a 20-25% open rate, and their website – which gets a tremendous 120,000+ monthly visits – has become highly respected and well established within the industry. Advertisers buy media from this brand because they get a positive ROI on their investment. For their products, the company now ships up to 400 packages each week, consisting mainly of their books and laminated posters. The company uses a third party for shipping and maintains between 10,000 and 20,000 units of each SKU, which tends to last about 6 months. All their books are proprietary, and this brand owns full copyright and distribution rights.

The brand employs a multifaceted approach to digital marketing. Social media plays a significant role in their sales growth: the brand has 50,000+_ followers on Facebook, 36,000+ followers on Instagram, and 10,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, massive numbers that have been integral to boosting organic traffic to their website. The brand runs PPC ads on Facebook and YouTube, and they rely on email marketing to enlarge their customer base. The brand now has 205,000+ subscribers in their email database, and at least 156,000 of those subscribers are viewed as the most fully engaged with their email newsletters.

Their blog is one of the key contributors to their growth. The company publishes 3 daily articles during the week on their blog, then link those articles to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. They also post to their Facebook group, which has 7,000 members.

Considering their high reputation within the industry, this brand has only one direction to go, and that’s up. Scale opportunities are plentiful and include using SEO on their website to drive more organic traffic, and engaging in offline advertising, including in print media, radio, television and cable, and at special events related to retail trading.

The brand could create new offers for its existing clients, including new paid newsletters or online courses, and launch a SaaS product to generate subscription revenue from their already wide audience.

This is very much a turnkey operation, one that requires just 5 hours per week to operate. The new owner wouldn’t need to be involved in the daily operations, since there is a highly experienced team of professionals managing daily tasks. That includes a director of operations, vice president of sales, advertising and email operations manager, and customer service manager, all full-time positions.

This company has already fully achieved its initial goals of producing some of the best unconventional moneymaking strategies available to the individual trader. The brand has a large number of customers who have been with them for years, and they plan to continue to instruct, support, and educate their clients as effectively as possible.

With their trading advice still in high demand, this is a great opportunity for a buyer to get involved in the niche field of retail trading.

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