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16 Year eCommerce Business in the Patio Furniture & Accessories Market – Dropship Model – $825 AOV – Easy to Operate & Transition Business


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business with nearly two decades’ worth of experience within the flourishing indoor and outdoor patio furniture and accessories market. Throughout the 16 years since their founding, they have successfully and consistently earned over 30% Net Profit Margins, partnered with 14 suppliers to add over 2,500 SKUs to their product roster, and earned an Average Order Value of $825. They use a 100% dropship model to handle their vast number of products, saving them the funds that many other eCommerce companies spend on inventory and warehouse management, and making it much easier to supply high-quality furniture and excellent customer service.

The company specializes in providing wicker furniture, which is not only top-of-the-line but also sold to customers at affordable prices. The wicker is meticulously handcrafted and uses the finest synthetic resin materials available on the market. Their frames are made with aluminum and steel and coated with a rust-proof powder to keep them looking their best throughout the seasons. Their products range from individual pieces like sofas and porch swings to full dining and conversation sets. They also provide smaller, complimentary products, such as torches, throw pillows, and umbrellas, giving customers everything they need to make their patios look exceptional.

They supply from many reputable household names in the furniture market, including, but not limited to, Lloyd Flanders, Forever Patio, South Sea Rattan, Panama Jack, and Telescope Casual. They’ve curated a strong relationship with each of these brands, establishing themselves as a trustworthy business partner and giving them access to the massive SKU supply they have today. Their diverse range of outstanding products, superb customer service, and sensible pricing have made them the top choice for many buyers and kept more than a few coming back for more purchases. They have a 10% Repeat Customer Rate, as well as many five-star reviews on their website.

Their solid business practices have let them become a leading provider within a lucrative market. In 2020, the global outdoor furniture industry was worth a healthy $46.08 billion, and it’s predicted to rise by a CAGR of 5.3% to hit $66.5 billion in 2028.

The popularity of the market is in part thanks to the fact that outdoor furniture sees no shortage of demand. Whether it’s from individual buyers decorating their homes, or businesses trying to draw in more customers of their own, outdoor furniture can be a quick way of sprucing up an exterior area. Outdoor furniture is usually built with sturdiness and easy maintenance in mind, making it great for outdoor dining areas, patios, and balconies.

The company has built its marketing campaign around ads on Google Shopping, which they supplement through organic traffic generated through search results from Google and Bing. To build upon their rate of organic traffic, they’ve incorporated technical SEO on their storefronts and conducted link development campaigns to improve their backlink profile. They have even started to explore other, new advertising methods, publishing ads in a magazine and in an online newsletter.

These ad campaigns have been immensely helpful in attracting customers. They have an average monthly session rate of over 19,500 across their two storefronts and have over 8,100 subscribers in their email database. As efficient as their current marketing plan is, however, there is still room for them to improve. They could improve upon their SEO by adding a décor-themed blog to their website and creating a newsletter to utilize their substantial contact list.

As the magazine ad they ran was fairly successful, reaching out to more home décor magazines and websites to market the brand would likely lead to similarly positive results. Many interior decorators, both amateur and professional alike, tend to use these resources, so marketing the company’s products to them would let them target their core demographic. It would also help them branch out into the B2B market as well, given that the ads could reach owners of hotels and restaurants that want to improve their décor.

They would likely benefit from paying for ads on Google and Bing, as that would show their products to a wider audience. However, they could also focus on improving their current rate of organic traffic by launching social media campaigns and engaging with their consumer base through them.

A few great platforms to build a presence on would be Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, as all three are heavily image-sharing websites. They could encourage customers to post pictures of the furniture they buy, or show off any new releases. The company could have customers market the brand through word-of-mouth, and present their products in a less formal setting.

The company could also add to their product line by partnering with new suppliers, adding to the number of SKUs they have, and introducing new types of patio furniture. They could, for instance, add products like benches and firepits, which are both popular within their market.

The owner could, thanks to the structure of the business, operate it from any location, giving them the freedom to remotely manage it from wherever they live. They will also only need 3 to 6 hours per day to run the company, depending on the season, with their main tasks consisting of record maintenance, booking freight, customer service, and order processing. A buyer could keep the workload low as they scale, or lower it further, by hiring staff, as the business currently has no other employees than the owner.

This acquisition presents a provider that has spent the past 16 years establishing itself in a thriving market and developing strong relationships with their suppliers. Their steady profit margins, thousands of desirable SKUs, and wonderful reputation make this a great deal for a seasoned buyer.

Modern Patio Design, the company’s other storefront, is another website that can work in tandem with the main brand, or stand on its own. Their name lets them appear more frequently in search results for the word “patio”, improving their overall SEO ranking. They sell a few unique products through this site, but most products are cross-sold on their other channel, as well. Modern Patio has over 1,700 SKUs available, and an average monthly visitor rate of over 5,500

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$ 736,557
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