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16 Year eCommerce Business in the Wicker Furniture Vertical – 30% Repeat Customer Rate – Dropship Inventory Model – Strong, Hard-to-Get Vendor Relationships in Place


Website Closers® presents a thriving eCommerce business based in the Indoor and Outdoor Wicker Furniture and Accessories Vertical. With 16 years of experience behind them, they have been able to achieve consistent profit margins of over 30% on their wicker products, over 2,500 active SKUs supplied by 14 vendors, and an Average Order Value of $825. Their 100% dropship model helps keep the costs down that would otherwise be associated with warehouses, warehouse workers, working capital to buy inventory, etc.

The company is known primarily for providing premium quality wicker furniture at affordable prices. The company only works with Suppliers that provide handcrafted, high-quality pieces using the finest synthetic resin materials available, with frames coated with rust-proof powder, and made from aluminum and steel. They offer everything from porch swings and sofas to full dining and conversation sets. They also sell other related products, such as umbrellas, torches, and throw pillows.

Their suppliers are made up of many leaders in their industry, including Forever Patio, Lloyd Flanders, Panama Jack, South Sea Rattan, and Telescope Casual. The company has developed close ties with these vendors over the years – something a newcomer to the space would have a very difficult time establishing. The quality of the products they select to sell, along with their reasonable prices and excellent customer service, has let them win the hearts of customers. Along with their many five-star reviews, they also have a remarkable 30% Repeat Customer Rate, showing just how many of their customers have come to rely on them for their furnishing needs.

In the many years since their founding, the company has established a strong foothold in an ever-growing market. The global outdoor furniture industry was worth $46.08 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% to reach $66.5 billion by 2028. The market’s massive size is the result of outdoor furniture having a consistent demand among individual consumers and businesses alike. The furniture is typically built sturdier and more easily maintained than their interior counterparts, making for a fantastic way of making any exterior area more appealing. People who live in a home or apartment can use outdoor furniture to decorate their patios, balconies, and backyards, while restaurants and hotels can make their open-air dining areas more appealing for customers.

The company mainly utilizes Google Shopping ads for their marketing strategy, along with organic traffic derived from Google and Bing search results. They’ve supplemented the latter with technical SEO on their websites, and link development campaigns to build a strong backlink profile. They have also recently begun to explore other forms of marketing, having advertised in a magazine and online newsletter.

This campaign has been successful in bringing traffic to their websites. Between their two primary websites, they have an average monthly session rate of over 15,670 and have accumulated an email database of over 8,100 subscribers. Their advertising model can be improved upon, however. For instance, they could create a blog centered around décor, or a targeted newsletter, in order to take advantage of their subscriber list and improve their rate of organic traffic.

The company could see success in continuing to run advertisements in home décor magazines, along with websites with a similar theme. These platforms are heavily frequented by the company’s key demographic and would encourage a new wave of aspiring decorators to turn to their products. This could also help the company enter the B2B market as well if they so choose to do so, as they could appeal to interior decorators, restaurants, and other businesses looking to add the perfect touch to their establishment.

While investing in paid advertising on Google and Bing would also be helpful in finding new customers, the company could boost their organic traffic by launching their first social media marketing campaigns. Like running ads in magazines, social media could present an excellent way of reaching out to their demographic.

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all platforms that have an emphasis on posting and sharing pictures, which makes them ideal for showcasing their products to potential customers. The company could encourage their buyers to post pictures of their new table or sofa, which would both show the products in a more casual light and build their organic traffic through word-of-mouth advertising.

Another way that the company can be scaled is by adding to their product line. They could achieve this by adding on new suppliers, which would increase their number of SKUs and add to their variety. Alternatively, they could focus on adding new types of products related to their niche, such as benches and firepits.

The structure of the company means that not only can the buyer operate it from anywhere they’d like, but that they will only need to work 3 to 6 hours per day, depending on the season. The owner’s daily tasks consist of customer service, processing any orders, maintaining records, and booking freight. At the moment, the company has no other employees outside of contractors. By hiring on staff to handle some of these tasks, the buyer can keep their hours low as they work on the business, and even whittle them down to suit their needs.

This deal offers buyers with a seasoned veteran within a lucrative market. Over the 16 years of their lifetime, they have built up a healthy reputation for themselves among their customers and suppliers alike, developed consistent profit margins, and an extensive list of SKUs.

If you’re interested in learning more about this incredible acquisition, then contact Website Closers today.

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Asking Price
$ 760,000
Cash Flow
$ 217,815
Gross Income
$ 1,175,935
Year Established