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16 Year Recurring Revenue Business Focused in the Real Estate Sector – Completely Hands Off for Ownership


The target is a rock solid 16 Year old business with over 500 consistent clients on a recurring revenue business model. A niche model in the highly lucrative Technology/Website services vertical, there is zero inventory management required, making this already well-established business virtually hands off and completely mobile. Focused on the real estate sector, the product is a broad scope website builder/marketing tool that can be white labeled and scaled to penetrate the entire real estate market and beyond. This is a moderate cost but vital service that has withstood not only the 2008 economy, but has sailed through the current Covid crisis with no significant damage. This is an instant revenue generator that is in place and ready to go.

The business is a custom built real estate platform creator of personal and company websites for real estate agents and brokers, as well as a CRM and marketing tool. The target sells two services: First, a customized design and branding service which makes up a small percentage of active accounts.  The second is a ready to go real estate website template system where the customer can pick from a variety of designs installed as their own website.  Highly cost effective at $29.95/month, this is a recurring revenue model with over 500 long term clients.

The lower price is a huge selling point – allowing the business to become a staple in the real estate industry and allowing it not only to survive but excel through not only the market crash of 2008, but also the current Covid-19 crisis. The unique platform has tremendous potential.  The interface can be pushed harder into all avenues of real estate agents (which is in the millions).  Additionally, the product can be marketed as a white label system, to any type of niche market at scale.

This is a fully functional model, which at current numbers produces enough revenue to allow the current owner a tidy profit. Primary responsibilities are checking to ensure things continue to run smoothly, and managing a small support staff who are all willing to stay on board at reduced rates. Fully remote, as long as servers are in operation, there are no offices or storefronts to maintain.

SEO optimized, the company appears on the first page in nearly all relevant Google keyword searches, and current numbers show 1500-2000 unique visits per month. Advertising has focused on FB, Google, email marketing, and organic SEO. PPC and remarketing campaigns have also been run with Google.

Potential scaling opportunities include putting more money into FB advertising and remarketing to capture the real estate audience, and concentrating more on Google ads, and less on PPC – over time, this could be a winning combination. Scaling through white label is the real revenue generator here, identifying a similar niche and promoting websites will bring new areas of growth.

This business is a beachlover’s dream. Fully functional with realistic growth likely, economically secure through nearly anything, and a permanent recurring income. Don’t let this one pass you by.

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Listing ID:  WC2046

Asking Price
$ 525,000
Cash Flow
$ 147,572
Gross Income
$ 241,813
Year Established