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17 Year B2B and DTC eCommerce Brand in the Hard-to-Find, Unaltered Foods and Supplements Vertical – 45% Repeat Order Rate – Ready to Launch on Amazon


Website Closers® presents an established pioneer in the field of Organic Vegan Wholefoods, boasting almost two decades of experience as the premier online destination for this niche and growing market. While the company has expanded to include beauty products, supplements, vitamins, and much more … it’s the unparalleled quality and service they provide that has given them a tremendous 45% Repeat Customer Rate. Supplying hard to find, pure, unaltered foods and supplements with little to no preservatives, excipients or chemicals has created a huge group of raving fans that have been recurring customers for over 17 years – with little to no marketing needed.  Since its founding 17 years ago, the company has expertly developed a unique operational model: Their products, which now total more than 2,000+, are also sold under their private label to fuel exclusivity and brand recognition.

The company operates as both a distributor of goods to B2B clients as well as a DTC eCommerce retailer via its Website. This has provided a diversified sales mix and a lot of room to grow. The company is now Canada’s largest source of organic and vegan foods, and if there was any doubt about the fast-growing number of customers eagerly looking for quality vegan products, the company’s rising sales and glowing customer reviews are the best evidence possible.

Explosive growth in this field speaks to tremendous, lasting profitability— the Natural Foods Industry was valued at $14.2 billion in 2018 and is projected to expand to $31.4 billion by 2026. The market for vegan food and the vegan lifestyle has been bolstered by rising consumer consciousness regarding healthier living thanks to popular social media and video channels cropping up across many platforms. The North America Vegan Food Market has experienced significant increased demand in both Canada and the U.S., indicating very high growth potential. Vegans make up an estimated 8% of the world population and growing, accounting for a massive base of potential customers.

With solid supplier relationships, there is no question this brand is ideally positioned to benefit in the long run from these consumer trends. Established originally as an eCommerce retailer of natural products, this brand made a name for itself by supplying foods that are hard to find, pure and unaltered by preservatives or chemicals. Over the years, they have become a trusted source for this kind of food and have built up a significant following with minimal marketing efforts. The company enjoys a high Recurring Order Rate from both long term and new customers.

Longstanding supply relationships with their vendors have been key to their success, helping to grow an inventory of over 2,000+ SKUs and growing. Striving to expand constantly, they are always on the lookout for new products to add, including those they can add to their private label.   Their products are mostly sourced in Canada and the U.S., allowing for seamless supply chains and top-quality offerings.

While DTC eCommerce via their Branded Website remains 90% of their sales, a growing 10% has taken hold through wholesale distribution. As a wholesale distributor, the brand found that bulk products for manufacturing purposes were in high demand. Closely following industry trends and launching small-scale test runs of prospective products has allowed them to invest only in winning SKUs, resulting in low product concentration and sizeable margins. Their SKUs are very diverse today, including organic food, herbs and spices, supplements, beauty and personal care items, baby products, air purifiers, water and shower filters, as well as jewelry and pet products. With such a loyal customer base, the company is averaging 565 sales per month, and sales are highly diversified across the board, with no one product monopolizing sales. In many instances, the products they sell are hard to find, especially in Canada. Products are restocked every 4 weeks and some products tend to sell out faster than anticipated.

Driven by high demand and brand exclusivity, their website has seen over 900,000 page views in the last twelve months.  Their digital marketing efforts include an aggressive social media strategy that has yielded 12,300+ followers on Instagram and 3,700+ on Facebook. Even more impressive is the company’s email database at 62,000 contacts strong and growing. The company markets through a dual strategy incorporating both the email list and their social media posts, where they have successfully promoted their hard-to-find vegan products. With an average order value of $180, sales have surpassed an impressive $1.35 million.

Demonstrated customer loyalty, innovative and rare products as well as SKUs that people buy year-round are all major attributes that any company would want. This company has all three, and those roots “leaf” them well-positioned to sprout into new growth.

Currently operating entirely on its website, the company could expand onto other popular eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or Jet, opening up their sales to the millions of customers who use each of those sites.

There are additional opportunities through social media as well, by joining vegan, organic and healthy living communities that are on popular platforms and have tens of thousands of followers already. Collaborating with vegan influencers would provide enormous opportunities for this company to reach a new audience and expand their customer base significantly. They could also maximize the use of their current social media accounts by running contests and giveaways to entice loyal and new customers. Launching the company’s first SEO program would provide a significant boost to their online traffic.

Another way to scale the business would be to pursue additional wholesale relationships through outbound marketing or a dedicated sales rep, since there is likely a fast-growing number of stores and retailers eager to meet the needs of their vegan and vegetarian customers. Monthly subscription boxes as well as package deals for food, supplements, herbs and spices are experiencing a huge market bump right now and capitalizing on this trend would contribute further to an already immense Repeat Customer Rate.

This business is operated remotely, employing a full-time manager as well as both full-time and part-time warehouse staff, all experienced and available to stay on post-acquisition. Regular tasks include placing orders for inventory, marketing, and consulting with contractors. As the vegan, vegetarian and plant-based lifestyles continue rising sharply, this brand has become a proven market leader in the natural products space.

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