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17 Year Flat Fee MLS Real Estate Services Website – Currently in 12 States – Multiple Revenue Streams – All Organic Traffic – SBA Pre-Approved


This opportunity is a national Flat Fee MLS Real Estate Services Company, leveraging their effective site, this opportunity generates real estate leads with homeowners across every state they are licensed in. This promising internet company’s main revenue streams include retail income, which are flat fee MLS listings where homeowners sign-up on the website directly; wholesale income, where flat fee MLS listings from several of the company’s partner websites; and full service option income, where homeowners that pay a set rate to have the company help with purchase paperwork and negotiations. On top of that steady stream of listings, this business gathers secondary revenue in multiple ways, including commercial co-broker income as they partner with outside, highly-ranked commercial real estate brokers to list a valuable property in a state that this company’s brokers are already licensed in. This agreement works on a buyer/referral income model which typically involves rebating a portion back to the buyer. Currently licensed in 12 states, this well-established real estate firm is perfectly positioned to scale and wide open for a new owner like you to take this already amazing business to the next level.

This real estate business is currently licensed in 12 states across the US including, Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. Their increasing revenue comes in through two primary pipelines – the first is in a one-time payment that is billed up-front. This flat fee starts at $299 and can include any combination of a multitude of upgrades which each have their own upcharge framework. The second pipeline, referred to as the full-service option, operates off the same starting point but then requires an additional 0.5% commission collected at closing.

The books and records for this opportunity are in very good shape and the business has even been pre-approved for SBA Financing, which will allow a Qualified Buyer to acquire this business for as little as 15% down, amortized over an entire decade at very reasonable interest rates.

With excellent organic SEO traffic, repeat customers and thousands of new visitors per month; this powerful web company has functioned well on word of mouth. There is zero marketing spend at present, this creates an incredible opportunity to scale through advertising growth. Effective communications are a dynamic way to expand, letting you as the new owner take charge of this company’s direction. With options spanning from an expert SEM and SMO marketing plan, all the way to a full out digital campaign, this company is ready to scale in any direction you may take it in. The real estate market, and this company, is poised for big things – and the right owner, with the right vision could turn this acquisition into an unprecedented opportunity.

Current ownership dedicates a couple of hours per day on this business, with mostly routine tasks such as updating websites, managing customer inquiries, etc. There is 1 full time employee for customer service, and 1 independent contractor who uploads listings to the website as well as on social media.

This business is one that will shine with the proper attention from a tech savvy owner. For example, someone with a knowledge and understanding of CRMs could expertly streamline much of the everyday processes to lower involvement while simultaneously increasing quality. Utilizing this opportunity’s massive email database of more than 10K emails is another great and easy way to extend lead generation. Additionally, General marketing strategies can take advantage of social media, website optimization, network growth, etc. to reach incredible results with both ease and speed.

The established website has been around for a long time and attracts consistent organic traffic without the need to ever worry about Google algorithm updates. However, everything is an opportunity for growth and the website itself may also benefit from a modern, SEO or UX/UI based revamp. In addition, developing a better social media strategy, scaling service reach to more states, i.e. getting licensed in more markets, and offering more Auxiliary Referral Services – Title, Escrow, Photography, Staging, etc. is certain to attract a whole new user base while extending market share.

This business has a lot of offer to a capable owner like you, it has a well-established name, a dedicated userbase, extensive word of mouth credibility and huge opportunities for scaling. The current owner is looking for someone who will truly recognize this golden opportunity for success and growth.

This Real Estate Website Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2061

Asking Price
$ 1,590,000
Cash Flow
$ 419,000
Gross Income
$ 598,000
Year Established