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17 Year Pet Products Company – 3 Brands & Multiple Patents – Focused on Pet Containment with 250+ SKUs – 38% Net Margins – 27% Repeat Order Rate


Website Closers® presents a highly prosperous Multi-Branded Company operating within the lucrative Pet Care industry, which is worth a whopping $250 billion. One thing pet-lovers are willing to spend money on is ensuring their pets are safe and well protected, which is the niche area that this company has so successfully marketed to: a specially designed Outdoor Fencing System that keeps the family pet (cats and dogs) from wandering off property. This fencing system has proven to be as irresistible to customers as catnip is to their cats, and sales have continued to get stronger as the company uses social media to raise brand awareness. Photos of family pets safely secured behind their trusted fence have proven to be enormously beneficial for boosting sales and reach. The same is true on the company’s Instagram site, which includes videos introducing customers to their company and products. Since cats and dogs can become instant hits on social media, this site has used that to get the word out about the safest way to protect them.

As a result, sales have continued to increase as the brand has become better known, and their SKUs have increased dramatically to 250+ products. With their expanding customer base, this company now has 4 new products in the design phase with the expectation that they will be launched next spring 2022. Creating additional products is a tried-and-true way to scale and this company has a great R&D system at work. The company already enjoys such strong word of mouth advertising from happy customers that any new products would be easy to upsell as well as bring attention to.

Launched 17 years ago, the company markets the only cat fence enclosure system that a pet owner can install at their home, either as a free-standing fence or one that can be added to an existing fence or wall, helping to avoid escape. The company’s gamble on this product turned out to be a brilliant idea, and sales have been so strong that they now have four separate domains that market fencing for dogs, cat enclosures, and a cat fencing site marketed directly to the UK.

Sales are conducted on their four Shopify websites, and they have started adding listings on Amazon as well, which now represents 6% of sales, but is only “scratching” the surface. The company is also approved for sales on Walmart but hasn’t placed their paw on that platform yet.

This brand has become a leader in creating safe spaces for cats and dogs. From the start, this company has provided systems for fencing modification, freestanding fencing, portable containments, and modular full enclosures, and they now offer 4 Brands. Their average order value is high: $1,481 for the cat system, $791 for the cat fencing, and $459 for the Dog Proofer fencing. The cat fence systems and fence conversion systems have proven to be top sellers. Sales have stayed strong year-round, another sign of the company’s growing reputation, since initially profits were highest mainly in the warm weather months, with orders coming in mainly from March to September. Today, the company enjoys robust sales even in the winter months, with 56% gross margins across the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe. The company averages 14 shipments per day, and now stocks between $240,000 and $400,000 in inventory from their 10,000 square foot building.

As a thriving eCommerce company, one is always looking for ways to scale the business. Low hanging fruit can be found in the potential of expanding to B2B sales and establishing a wholesale program that sells their products to installers, contractors, and DIY businesses. There are also terrific expansion and wholesale opportunities available by marketing to specialty pet retailers such as Petco, PetSmart, and Chewy. There are supply chains focused on garden fencing and deer fencing that would also provide new growth options for this brand.

This company is clearly operating within an enormously profitable field. It’s estimated that 54% of U.S. households have at least one pet, that translates to more than 68 million homes. There are similar numbers in the rest of the world. Pet owners are a massive, worldwide market, and catering to them is a proven method for success. This brand has become so well-known and sought-after because they understand the emotions people have for their pets, and for the safety of their cats and dogs.

A key aspect of their marketing has been word of mouth, and nothing sells pet-related products more quickly than reviews and photos. Testimonials from both highly enthusiastic customers and cat rescue agencies and pet shelters have helped drive sales exponentially. In fact, 27% of sales now come from repeat customers.

Their demographics are excellent, with the typical customer aged 35 to 70, middle class to affluent, and their average customer lifetime value is $1,082. Of course, the other key trait their customers share is a strong commitment to their pets.

Other key aspects of their marketing plan have included PPC ads on Google and Bing, a huge email database of 14,000+ subscribers used for email marketing, an SEO program that includes a blog, and 48,000+ followers on Facebook.

Their social media sites are also used for affiliate marketing campaigns. Another way for this company to scale would be to expand those affiliate programs to bloggers and top influencers and to increase their ad spend on Amazon, Facebook, and Google, as well as expanding their presence on Amazon.

This is an industry projected to experience strong increases in profitability in the near future. Virtually all products related to pet care are tremendously profitable, as consumers rush to buy anything that allows them to cater to their pets’ needs. In the U.S., retail sales of pet products and services surpassed $107 billion in 2020, while the global pet care market is projected to reach $269 billion by 2025.

This company has a very bright future because their trademarked products address a special, high-demand need, providing protection for the family pet. It’s a form of pet care service that’s increasingly popular and lucrative. It’s obvious from the glowing reviews this company has received that as the brand becomes better known, it stands poised to enjoy enormous growth opportunities.

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