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18 Year eCommerce Retail Brand in Women’s Footwear – 100% YOY Earnings Growth – Seller Financing


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce marketplace for women’s shoes, including Athletic Shoes, Heels, Boots, Sandals and more. This strategically developed, female-centric brand is designed for rapid and lasting growth, carrying a 60% YOY Net Revenue growth rate along with 103% YOY earnings growth rate. With more than 18 years of prosperity under their belt, this brand leverages their strong industry standing to impactfully offer 5,500+ SKUs. Carrying an Average Unit Sale of 500-1000 weekly, along with an Average Order Value of $50, this company makes a minimum average of $25,000 weekly. Even with these impressive numbers, there remains plenty of opportunity to scale this brand.

This eCommerce brand would grow effectively with the addition of impactful digital marketing practices such as paid media, PPC placements, social media engagement, SEO improvements, and influencer partnerships. With a strong foundation as well as immense promise, this women’s footwear eCommerce seller is a fantastic investment for any buyer.

Providing a variety of SKUs that catch the eye of women across the country, expanding reach and diversifying sales channels are great ways to grow the brand’s consumer base. Sustainably and effectively scaling this brand, improving social media use, particularly on Instagram and Facebook, will bring both awareness and reach to this fully established company. Leveraging affordable and effective offerings, this successful seller currently utilizes their own website along with to generate revenue. Utilizing Amazon PPC along with additional partnerships, such as and, this company should see phenomenally increasing sales.

Established effectively over 18 successful years in business, this brand leverages an impactful, cloud-based framework along with a 3,400 square foot warehouse to drive fantastic results. The current set-up allows the ownership to oversee all orders and operations from any device. With a 100% inventory model, this company has minimal risk and incredible opportunity. White label practices could effectively grow this company’s potential profit.

Currently, this company requires 15 hours weekly from ownership, who are in charge of inventory purchasing, customer service, bill pay, and business development. Working with 4 part-time employees, this company effectively fulfills all orders and customer needs. Shifting to a partial or full drop ship or FBA model would allow for significant downsizing.

An exceedingly influential eCommerce women’s footwear provider, this business has a proven track record of fantastic success and reliable growth over almost 2 decades of sales. Carrying impressive YOY growth rates and increasing revenue, this promising 18 year established brand is an investment with limitless potential. The lucky incoming owner will have unrivaled opportunities for extended success in all aspects. With enviable numbers, boundless opportunities, and a proven business model, this company is one target no buyer wants to miss out on.

This eCommerce Retailer Represented by:

Website Closers

a Technology, Digital & Internet M&A Firm

Listing ID:  WC2181

Asking Price
$ 932,000
Cash Flow
$ 266,277
Gross Income
$ 1,594,293
Year Established

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