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19 Year Digital Marketing Agency – 19 US Based Employees – Leadership Team – 36% YOY Revenue Growth


Website Closers® presents a digital marketing agency with a nearly 20-year track record of providing expert SEO, SEM, content marketing, and lead conversion services to clients who have come to rely on them for building their own client base, lowering cost per acquisition, and increasing sales. The demand for experienced digital marketing teams gets stronger every year as more companies rely on their website and eCommerce in general to drive sales, and this agency is recognized as a pioneer in the field of link building and SEO strategies that deliver higher search engine rankings, traffic, engagement, conversions, and overall client branding, which is now crucial for any type of business.

As eCommerce and SaaS consume larger shares of global economic activity, digital marketing agencies are enjoying enormous financial rewards as they drive more customer conversions for their clients through services similar to the ones this agency provides. That includes integrated SEO, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization, and Paid Media & Link Development.

What sets this agency apart is their ability to deliver an improved marketing performance for clients by growing their search engine visibility and optimizing their website performance to maximize conversion and customer acquisition. Their skilled team knows how to help get their clients more customers and sales, which is why this agency remains such an attractive proposition for a buyer who understands that digital marketing as a service will only become more in demand.

Today, it’s no longer optional for any business to ignore having a strong digital presence. The most successful businesses, whether they have been around for decades or are just starting out, can best attract customers and adapt to changing economic circumstances if they have a proven digital marketing strategy and know how to promote their company online and raise brand awareness. That’s why the global digital marketing market is now valued at $310 billion with future estimates looking even stronger. Without digital channels, companies are giving up their strongest growth option.

For this agency, their clients’ impressive success in generating sales has made them one of this industry’s striking success stories as well. This agency has the expertise to make a difference.

Founded in 2003 with a focus on using link building to boost clients’ online performance, the company has grown over the past 19 years. It has a highly experienced and talented team of 19 employees across the US, including a full leadership team.

Their services have expanded to include SEO, Content Marketing, CRO, PPC, and most importantly the strategy that deploys these channels to reach client objectives; these are the building blocks to success for any online business. Not surprisingly, the agency has recurring retainer clients across the globe at an average 26+ month retention rate.

Today, they service clients globally with North America serving as the primary target. Their revenue longevity and recent expansion demonstrate how many businesses have come to rely on their proven track record for performance-based digital marketing.

The company manages 6-, 12-, and 24-month retainer contracts. There is little seasonality impact on the business. The agency knows how to generate its own revenue, plus it receives an impressive number of client referrals and testimonials that have boosted their client base significantly.

The brand has a robust referral and reseller program for clients and industry partners. Their focus from day one has been to build their clients into enthusiastic fans of their work, and their reviews make it perfectly clear they’ve accomplished that. The agency is adept at growing client retainers via services and solution upsells and remains focused on increasing retainers from fast growing brands and agency reseller/white label partnerships.

The agency has also used those proven digital marketing tactics to boost their own sales. As experts in SEO, the company has a blog on their website that attracts readers, and SEO remains their primary focus, generating 67% of their organic traffic. Their team is now in the process of rebuilding areas of their website to improve their own SEO and conversion rate.

A new and improved newsletter is being launched, and their team is updating their content and social strategies, which include posting on their Facebook page, where they have 2,000+ followers and more glowing reviews. Other proven methods they use to expand their client base include attending industry events such as digital marketing conferences, booking members of the team for speaking engagements, and private prospect discoveries via Connect CMO.

With its recurring revenues and expanding client base, this agency is primed for rapid growth under the right hands. The company has deep experience in a number of verticals including Tech, SaaS, eCommerce, Automotive, Home Goods, Education, Finance, Health, Real Estate, Hospitality, and Entertainment. The team has identified some of the hottest industries to target including the deregulation of the finance and medical industries, SaaS, eCommerce, Tech in general, and CBD.


The company could also ramp up its own digital strategy, with a stronger and more dedicated focus on its content production, PPC advertising, social media marketing, nurturing their email subscriber base, and more topic cluster formation and link building. As they remain busy working hard for their clients, a new team dedicated to internal marketing would make a dramatic difference in their ability to grow revenue; they have the operations and scalability to support it.


This agency has the management team in place to continue building on their reputation for creative strategizing and innovation. This is an amazing opportunity for a buyer looking for a turnkey platform with enormous growth potential that builds on the company’s reputation.

With client relationships that have been in place for a decade or more, this agency has only one direction to go in, and that’s toward skyrocketing profitability.

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This Digital Marketing Agency is Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 7,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,469,139
Gross Income
$ 4,498,928
Year Established