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The target is the lead domain in an exceptionally well-established portfolio of productive e-commerce websites serving a broadly diversified B2B group of industrial customers as well as B2C volume buyers. With almost two decades in the evergreen and currently expanding assisted living, in-home goods market, and selling from 100% organic and 20-year aged Exact Match Domains (EMD), this business is virtually recession proof and inspires huge customer loyalty boasting repeat customer account rates for 35% to 60% revenue.

The company’s SKU mix is highly diverse, ranging from adult assisted living consumables to volume bedding, laundry and personal care supplies revolving around mobility and comfort goods, such as laundry bags, pillowcases, gowns, socks and many more – these products are offered Direct To Customer with a hybrid 90/10 stock/drop ship and ship fulfillment platform, offering flexibility and maximized margins from product to product, based on the needs of both specific verticals and vendor supply chains.

Great diversity is achieved through the business’s multiple exact-match domain sites across several low-key, high margin, keyword-rich niches, including a general supplies site, a commercial laundry bag site, an industrial pillow case site and a drop ship site specializing in electric blanket sales.

While originally focused on the Assisted Living Facility market, the business has broadly expanded over the years to become a textile supply company operating in multiple niche markets within a spectrum of industries including laundromats, dry cleaners, prisons, jails, gyms, hospitals, clinics, crafters, summer camps, churches, schools, printers, migrant camps and even homeless shelters. The market for mid-quality, volume laundry bags, pillow cases and other supplies is immense.

The sellers have also developed a private labeled line that centers currently on non-slip socks, a staple of not only assisted living facilities but trampoline parks, a growing and highly popular segment for the younger generation. This exceptionally mature and highly reputable seller has captured a very healthy slice of market share organically, and offers a vast amount of scale potential in many different directions – it has yet to touch Amazon as a direct seller in-house, and also has not fully capitalized on social media marketing, nor has it fully invested itself in a comprehensive paid marketing strategy.

Thanks to its extensive history of consistent growth and profitability, this business represents a brilliantly low-risk and high-ROI acquisition opportunity for buyers in nearly any space. Because the company is seasoned, highly stable and has great books and records, it is a great candidate to be purchased by a qualified buyer for as little as 10% down using our lending partners at Website Closers – these loans are amortized over an entire decade, allowing ROI in the near term. This meticulously built, organically ranked platform is built to continue to yield both reliable growth and ripe scale opportunities for years to come, whether it is acquired strategically or as a standalone profit center.

This eCommerce Company Represented by:
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 975,000
Cash Flow
$ 246,930
Gross Income
$ 988,070
Year Established