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19 Year SBA Pre-Qualified eCommerce Brand in the Aftermarket Car Audio Vertical - All Products are Custom Designed & Branded


Website Closers® presents the longest-running industry leader for product performance and customer service among BMW, Mini, and Toyota Supra owners for aftermarket high-end Audio Equipment. With an outstanding reputation in the industry, the company continues to create the best-sounding, easy-to-install kits available on the market today. To ensure customer satisfaction and proper installation, the brand has created the most extensive database of installation guides and DIY videos on the market for each specific vehicle kit, which ensures a high level of customer satisfaction for all their products.

The business primarily serves the audio equipment market for BMW, Mini, and Toyota Supra audio upgrades. There is a constant demand from customers looking to upgrade their vehicles’ sound systems for these popular vehicle models, providing a wide market of opportunity for the business. The business team consistently drives sales through its well-known branding and stellar reputation, in addition to its robust social media advertising. The brand has achieved steady generous growth, growing 20% each year over the past four years.

Business growth is only limited by cashflow constraints on purchasing power and lack of available inventory – this is reflected in the financials where most 8returns9 are in fact pre-sale cancellations where inventory was unavailable due to backorders.

Built on meticulous attention to detail for product design and kit fitment on a per-vehicle basis, the company has earned the strongest reputation in the industry. It backs its products with a 100-day guarantee and a 4-year warranty.

Less than 10% of revenue comes from their dealer network, which is just one of many opportunities to scale the business. These dealers also order from the website with a unique discount code. The company provides hundreds of tailored video installation guides for its various kits which makes fulfillment for dealers seamless.

Four main product types are offered: speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and toolkits. These categories are comprised of 100 individual SKUs that are used to create 200 custom-fit kits.

The brand works with a US-based audio company to design the products and is a primary supplier to manufacture its products. Inventory is managed based on product demand and market conditions, and all orders are placed four to ten months ahead of time. Once manufactured, products are shipped via freight which takes 60 days from departure to check-in at the 3PL partner warehouse. If a product is needed expediently, it is shipped via air, which lessens the time to 15 days – and due to the size and weight of the products, an air shipment is a viable option whenever necessary.

All products are unique and manufactured exclusively for the brand.

The business utilizes a 100% stock inventory model, and a third-party logistics company that warehouses and ships products. Management is currently transitioning to allow the 3PL to accept and restock returns as well, which are currently handled in a smaller company-leased warehouse space.

The company website is built on the Shopify Plus platform with a custom navigation feature that allows users to easily identify vehicle-specific products for their needs.

This custom navigation feature is linked to a product database in Shopify, allowing customers to select their specific vehicle information, including make, model, year, body style, and audio system. Once the customer has provided the necessary information, the app will show the audio upgrades and kits available based on their vehicle compatibility. This reduces mistakes made during the ordering process and increases confidence in the customer shopping experience.

There are several unique elements to the business. All audio equipment has been custom engineered for fitment, audio performance, and plug-and-play integration, with no cutting. The company has gone further than any other in developing specific kits for BMW, Mini, and Toyota Supra vehicles. Nineteen years of engineering revisions of their equipment have yielded components maximized to work with both the vehicle amplifier and aftermarket amplifier integration.

In addition, installation guides have been created on a per-vehicle basis. They are far more extensive than any other competitor. Furthermore, the brand’s amplifier is the only amplifier globally that can offer all of the following features and benefits:

  • Plug-and-play
  • Integrates seamlessly with HiFi as well as Harman Kardon systems
  • Shipped pre-tuned with selectable options for audio systems

The business follows typical seasonal retail trends. It tends to have stronger months in Q2, during springtime when people are taking on new projects for home and auto, and Q4 for holiday sales. The fluctuation represents an approximate increase of 25% in Q2 and 35% in Q4.

The business is well systemized and requires minimal day-to-day workload from the owner. As little as five hours could be spent working on the company if a slow and steady philosophy was applied, or 15 to 20 hours would be more realistic if growth is a high priority for the new owner.

As an added future opportunity for a buyer to capitalize on, the company is finalizing product development quotes for a single speaker upgrade kit that will replace the speakers in most modern Toyotas.

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Asking Price
$ 2,700,000
Cash Flow
$ 671,028
Gross Income
$ 3,234,235
Year Established