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20 Year B2B & DTC eCommerce Brand – Automotive Aftermarket Parts – 90% Repeat Order Rate – 65% Wholesale – 650+ Wholesale Accounts – 24k Visitors/mo – $1050 AOV


Website Closers® has been exclusively engaged to represent an Automotive Parts Brand that manufactures, distributes, and sells a large array of High-Performance auto parts and accessories under its well-known trademark. The company has a strong base of retail clients (B2B) that includes 660+ wholesale accounts, and a fast-growing DTC audience as well. Operating for 20 years now, the company markets more than 1,700+ SKUs on multiple sales channels and has a well-established brand name, a reputation for excellence in their products and customer service, and a clear passion for research and development that leads to product innovations. To this end, 90% of their wholesale clients are repeat customers, a highly valuable intangible in this transaction.

In a nation where more than 90% of households have one or more cars, this brand recognized the enormous opportunity that auto accessories offer to the auto-loving public. Their goal from the start was to deliver high-performing parts such as suspension, brake and air ride systems that were both durable and competitively priced, and in the past two decades, the company has been embraced by a global audience who equate quality with their products.

The Company

The company has achieved significant accomplishments over the past 20 years. Today, all products are sold under their brand name. Sales are thriving on their Average Order Value of $1,050. The company has cultivated a large base of wholesale customers who are generating 65% of their revenue. Those B2B customers recognize how well their high-performance parts are designed with attention to detail, and that reliability is a key reason why 90% of their B2B orders come from repeat customers. The same is true for the fact that the company has an exceptionally wide range of products, a portfolio that has turned this company into a highly trusted brand and the go-to company for performance parts.

The company also performs well direct to consumer with the 35% of sales generated from eCommerce. In addition to their website, which is hosted on WooCommerce, the company markets its products on leading eCommerce marketplaces, such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

This company is thriving at a time when the auto accessories aftermarket is enjoying stunning growth as more people than ever become accustomed to shopping for products online. That now includes auto parts from customers who share an interest in the customization of their vehicle and performance enhancement.

The eCommerce automotive aftermarket was valued at $69 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow by a hefty 13.8% rate through 2030. Considering there are 287 million cars in the U.S. alone, there are tremendous opportunities to scale rapidly in this field, now that customers enjoy the vast selection available and competitive pricing when shopping for these products online.

With a skilled team in place to handle daily operations, this company employs innovators with extensive knowledge in the automotive industry. Research & development is an ongoing passion for this team, as they continue to look for ways to bring not only new, but better performing and more reliable products to this market. For those customers who value state-of-the-art technology and want only the best in their beloved vehicle, the company is now recognized as a leader in the industry.

Product Development

Founded in 2003, the company has assembled a strong team that excels at creating new and improved products and at superior customer service. Their commitment to continue evolving remains a hallmark of their work today.

The company has grown to more than 4,200+ SKUs, including coilovers (their top-selling product), air suspensions and big brake kits. If variations in size and other factors are included, their entire product list skyrockets to 17,000+. Using the best materials during the manufacturing process, the company’s products are known for providing significant improvements in vehicle performance that have brought them glowing 5 Star reviews from satisfied customers, who know they’re getting exceptionally high-quality products from this brand.

While high-performance parts are typically seen as discretionary purchases, this brand has attracted a wide customer base that includes car enthusiasts and professional racers who appreciate their commitment to innovative designs and first-rate customer satisfaction.

They sell products to both men and women, and most of their customers are in the middle-to-high income bracket, who often make a large initial purchase for major components, then come back for products geared to upgrades and maintenance.

Since the nation is filled with people who never stop driving cars, they keep coming back to a trusted band like this one for all their performance part needs.

The company made it easier for those customers to find their products by making them available on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, where their DTC sales are conducted, while a vigorous social media marketing campaign has been their top tool for driving organic traffic to their website.

There are plenty of additional digital marketing tools for growing their DTC sales, including expanding beyond organic social media to include PPC ads, email marketing and an enhanced SEO program.


The company stocks most of their SKUs, with occasional Dropshipping from their suppliers.  Inventory is stocked in their 17,000-square-foot warehouse, where they maintain an average of $1.2 million in products to keep up with demand.

Their team includes a warehouse manager who handles shipping and returns, a customer service specialist, a bookkeeper, and employees handling admin tasks and data entry. The current ownership focuses on improving their processes and reviewing decisions that are likely to have a significant financial impact.

With a high Average Order Value, the company has long understood that purchasing a high-performance part can be a major investment for some of their buyers, so they strive to make their customer service second to none, giving customers access to a knowledgeable team that can assist with all purchases and quickly troubleshoots any issues that arise.


In addition to recognizing the growth potential of selling auto parts online, the company also excelled in recognizing how social media could elevate sales. The company now has an impressive 32,000+ followers on their Facebook page and an additional 20,000+ on Instagram, and their posts are generating the organic traffic needed to bring an average of 24,000+ unique monthly visitors to their site.

Organic social media has served this brand so well that the company hasn’t run a PPC ad campaign. But their social posts are clearly connecting them with the kind of customers they want, and their Repeat Customer Rate for their DTC sales are now at 9% and rising.

The company also has a blog on their website to help expand their customer base, and they fully understand exactly what customers are looking for from the aftermarket automotive industry and how to communicate with them.

There are multiple ways to scale operations, including the use of video marketing, launching an influencer campaign on their social platforms, and creating email newsletters that would be sent out to their 17,500+ email subscribers.

This brand name, with a firmly established and loyal wholesale base and a rapidly expanding DTC audience, is enjoying solid recurring revenues after devoting the past 20 years to serving their customers at the highest possible level. That hard work has clearly paid off for this brand, and one of their strongest value propositions is the way they keep creating new products that outshine what competitors are offering.  With an experienced team in place to continue delivering both innovations in design and highly rated customer service, this company is well-positioned to enjoy skyrocketing profits under a new owner.

This Company is Represented by:

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$ 1,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 492,874
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$ 1,889,835
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