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20 Year Old B2B eCommerce Brand in the Outdoor Home & Adventure Markets – 30% YOY Sales Growth over the Last 4 Years


Website Closers® presents a flourishing eCommerce Business that has been in business for 20 years offering outdoor home and lifestyle niche products. Consumers have a newfound adoration for their outdoor patios and living spaces and are spending more every year to make them more attractive and livable. That’s helped this offering become a leader in this space at a time when home sales are surging. The business’s sales figures testify that the appreciation for these products was boosted significantly during the pandemic. Market research indicates that the trend is not going away, even as we move past the novel Coronavirus chaos. Currently in their infancy, two recently added categories are also expected to grow dramatically.

This industry is profitable. The Outdoor Furniture Market exceeded $15.7 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow by more than 5.9% through 2027. The tendency in recent years has been for homeowners to concentrate on enhancing outdoor spaces that create a more livable and attractive atmosphere in gardens, patios, and porches. As a result, the demand keeps growing for this company’s range as well as additional products beyond its existing categories, which presents enormous expansion opportunities going forward.

Company sales are practically entirely wholesale, focusing on approximately 150 customers as its bread and butter. The channel grows continuously through an efficient drop shipping model and exceptional supplier relationships. With 1,500 SKUs across multiple categories, the business enjoys 75% of its sales from fireplaces, kayaks, boats, and camping. Sales in the U.S.A can skyrocket immediately with investment. The company has attracted healthy year-round sales for its outdoor products that have become extraordinarily popular with shoppers because of the warmth, functionality, and livability they add to outdoor settings. The company has found an expansive and receptive customer base through competent product selection, tenured relationships, and licensing agreements.

New management has the option to add focus to D2C sales through eCommerce platforms and an SEO and marketing initiative. Giving some attention to the existing Amazon account as well as expanding to secondary sales platforms across multiple countries offers an enormous opportunity for expansion. Millions of existing users merely need to be introduced to the already thriving product line for sales to ignite.

This company enjoys prosperous year around sales with heightened sales between March and September. Non-seasonal products continue to be introduced to supplement sales in the other months. The hybrid inventory model of stock and drop shipping between their two warehouses is highly effective. Revenue is driven by sourcing products from reputable Chinese manufacturers and distributing them to prominent brands.

The owner spends his time predominantly sourcing products, doing inventory and financial planning, building customer relationships, and creating sales plans. Over time he has built a full team, including an office manager, procurement manager, and sales manager, supplemented by a bookkeeper, accountant, administration department, and warehouse staff. This team will be key to the transition of the business to new ownership.

The company operates out of a centralized Canadian warehouse with two 3PL partners on Canada’s East and West Coasts. This arrangement is primarily for all container product receiving and storage and allows for quicker shipping and better handling of any special-needs shipments. In addition, this setup enables the company to easily average 150 shipments daily with plenty of room for additional growth.

This brand has already demonstrated that it has what customers are looking for when it comes to decorating their outdoor spaces and fulfilling their lifestyle needs, and there are other product categories they could profitably expand into. It has a phenomenal track record which would be easy for any buyer to use as the starting point for incredible growth.

This business has the history, systems, customer base, and relationships that any new owner would value. A buyer with experience in wholesale outreach and eCommerce could scale this business quickly and exponentially. Contact Website Closers today so our brokers can tell you more about this lifestyle brand’s ability to change your lifestyle forever.

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Asking Price
$ 7,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,947,939
Gross Income
$ 8,611,041
Year Established