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The target is a 20-year established, subscription-based online betting & bookie resource Internet Company that specializes in top sports picks, predictions, betting advice, sporting analytical data, and betting trends. This Website offers all this and more with industry leading, documented results thanks to proprietary math models with demonstrable track records.

Catering smartly to the savvy online betting space in all regards, subscriptions are offered to suit any consumer – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or even seasonally – with both email and website content delivery. This platform enjoys a $70 average ticket total and a desirable repeat customer base of over 50%, which speaks volumes of results to date. Seasonal and Annual Subscriptions are top sellers and represent almost half of all revenue – thanks to positive, recent changes in US domestic gambling legislation, now is a fantastic time to enter this space.

Featuring an automated third-party vendor portal for managing subscriptions and all transactions, this platform is a nearly 100% hands-free profit center; easy to manage and asking little workload of ownership. Subscriptions for this business are simple and straight forward, resulting in a very small number of customer service inquiries. Thanks to comprehensive content addressing any questions or concerns users may have, this business enjoys a bare minimum of CRM needs.

This is a truly turnkey content platform in every regard and includes an email database of over 25,000 opt-in contacts thanks to average monthly visitor levels of over 12,000 unique hits – the door is wide open for new ownership to scale in numerous ways, not the least of which is outbound marketing opportunity.

Solid groundwork has been laid by the Founders for over two decades, making this business an excellent opportunity thanks to current US market legislation shifting favorably and thanks to the continually healthy growth of this sector in markets around the world. New ownership will be able to step into a profitable, well-oiled machine on day one with options to scale ranging from mobile app integration, comprehensive SEO and paid marketing campaigns, and more.

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Asking Price
$ 369,000
Cash Flow
$ 94,839
Gross Income
$ 105,887
Year Established

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