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21 Year eCommerce Business Focused on the Catholic Products Niche – 28% YOY Growth – Multi-Channel Sales


Website Closers® presents a pillar of the religious community. This is a rare and cherished eCommerce brand within the Catholic Community that has been established for over 21 years. This target has been blessed with consistent success and a YOY Growth rate of 28%. With the hard work of this company’s current owner, more than 10,000+ powerfully inspiring, Spiritual-based SKUs have been developed to drive both a strong following and an average order value of more than $45. With a devout community of more than 7,200+ subscribed contacts, this seller offers products such as art, sacramentals, church supplies, rosaries, decals, crucifixes, holy water and more.

The company has strong repeat order rates and tried-and-true vendor relationships. Growth to date has been achieved via 100% organic traffic; this creates a wondrous opportunity for an incoming buyer to expand via investments in paid placements on social media, search engines, and online marketplaces. With phenomenal growth on Amazon, this company could effectively raise sales through international offerings as well as through saint bundles and subscription box offerings.

Offering a myriad of catholic products, gifts, art, and more, this company does carry some exclusive items as well that are only sold on their website. In addition to product creation, the current owner of this business is responsible for shipping, invoicing, responding to customer concerns and answering calls. With no employees, this owner works up to 5 hours a day during the busy seasons, First Communion and Christmas, and 1-4 hours each day throughout the rest of the year. Working from a home office, 8 x 8 space, this company ships approximately 10-20 orders daily.

Operating in the wide-reaching market of Catholic buyers, this company has a compelling appeal worldwide. To adjust their current, streamlined, business model to an influx in sales, the incoming owner could swiftly and seamlessly shift some products into Amazon FBA to handle Amazon sales across each of their international storefronts.

This business can also scale effectively with the development of community ties with other religious organizations such as youth centers, churches, and Catholic bible study groups. Developing wholesale relationships and recurring sales agreements with large buyers such as these, this company could effectively raise brand awareness, sales, and loyalty.

This line of work offers deeply meaningful purpose along with the opportunity to be helpful to those who are looking for spiritual items to assist them in growing closer to God. This purpose is most obviously manifested when a person experiences a crisis. This promising company has been built on 21 years of integrity, quality, and religious connection to build up strong digital storefronts with reliable revenue rates and a solid sales mix.

On top of their proven, profitable foundation, an incoming buyer could scale this company by investing both time and money into community growth, relationship development, brand building, and international expansion. An acquisition with tremendous opportunity and a fully established business model, this company is a fantastic investment opportunity.

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Listing ID:  WC2237

Asking Price
$ 605,000
Cash Flow
$ 152,304
Gross Income
$ 302,826
Year Established