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21 Year eCommerce Business in the Luxury Fragrances Vertical – DTC & B2B Channels


Website Closers® presents a 21-year established leader in the Perfume Industry. This powerful eCommerce Company has continued to grow through innovation during the course of its two decades in existence and has create a well-mixed set of sales channels on its own Branded Website,, and One of the oldest eCommerce Companies to hit our firm, there can be no doubt about this company’s ability to weather storms and utilize its tried-and-true proprietary systems, procedures and framework to continue to win over its audience (men and women) alike.

The company carries a highly diversified number of SKUs that serves both consumers (D2C) and wholesale companies (B2B), providing a year-round revenue stream to drive consistent cash flows. This company has created a defensible moat by focusing on High-End, Luxury Fragrances at phenomenally competitive prices. Delivering on both quality and reliability, this company has made a name for themselves across the wholesale and retail worlds within these global industries. Bringing an immensely profitable business model along with more than 485,000+ active contacts, this incomparable offering will make an amazingly promising acquisition.

Even though the company has achieved phenomenal scale through the years, there are several immediately available pathways to growth that are unique to this company. Bundling opportunities as high end gift baskets or even scent-type theme subscription boxes are effective ways to leverage their most well-known products to promote their other offerings. Amazon also offers phenomenal opportunities through their subscribe and save function, adding this to skin care and scented candle lines could encourage reliable recurring purchases. Additionally, by taking the data scraped from over 2 decades in existence, this company could further develop an entire line of Beauty Brands that focuses on the target audience and their needs. Building on this, an incoming buyer could effectively drive sustainable growth through additional advertising such as influencer marketing, SEO, paid placements, and multi-channel retargeting initiatives.

With a strong customer service focused mission and stellar industry reputation, this business achieves a staggering 45% Recurring Customer Rate. Combining this with their active consumer base of 485,000 contacts, this offering brings steady revenue that continually delivers.

Carrying 3,500+ SKUs across 3 high demand categories, this business can be further developed through brand engagement on social media. Bringing this offering into the social media world as part of the “treat yourself” movement and wellness community could prove to be beneficial. Great avenues for this type of branding include Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. This business already has a growing following on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook that could be effectively utilized to this end.

Dedicating a full work week to this lucrative endeavor, current ownership is responsible for all IT concerns, bookkeeping, inventory tracking, and other administrative tasks. Working with 15 employees, this company has 7 full time workers as well as 8 part-time warehouse temps. These full time workers include an operations manager, warehouse manager, 2 customer service representatives, and 3 order packers who ensure this business runs smoothly and effectively.

A dynamic and exceedingly strategic offering, this business stands on a 21-year foundation of reliable success and consumer-base growth to bring an unrivaled and rare acquisitions opportunity. From their current, outstanding baseline to the myriad of promising opportunities available to a lucky new owner, this investment is sure to be a lifechanging opportunity for any capable entrepreneur. Lasting success, monumental room to scale, and a proven business model in place, this is a rare opportunity that no buyer should pass up.

This eCommerce Business Represented by:

Technology, Internet and eCommerce M&A

Listing ID:  WC2206


Asking Price
$ 18,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 3,448,693
Gross Income
$ 35,522,442
Year Established