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22 Year eCommerce Brand in the Personal Wall Art Vertical – DTC & Wholesale B2B – 24% Profit Margins – 99% Proprietary Products


Website Closers® presents a stunning eCommerce business with over two decades of experience in their field. They offer over a thousand SKUs across their various sales channels and sell both wholesale and Direct to Consumer. The products offered are Personalized/Custom Wall Art, making for excellent gifts for friends and loved ones. The company has an Average Order Value of $87.50, nearly 24% Profit Margins, and a great reputation among consumers and big box stores.

The company exists within a select niche, which has given them plenty of room to grow with very little competition. Not only that, but 99% of their products are proprietary and copyrighted, meaning that they don’t have to worry about customers going to other companies to buy the same designs.

They use a made to order model for their business, and manufacture an overwhelming majority of their products in-house. This has given them a quick turnaround and shipping times, and ensures that their products are of excellent quality. 1% of products that they don’t create include wallets, flasks, and other giftable items, which have been added to create more variety in their product line.

The high quality and easy customizability of their products have won over countless customers. They have over 15,000 enthusiastic five-star reviews, and a roughly 13.5% Repeat Customer Rate. Sales often spike around holidays and other giftable occasions, such as graduation season.

While customer purchases through Amazon and their Shopify website are responsible for most of their sales, the company also has multiple wholesale channels, as well. They have connections with most major retailers, including Kohl’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Walmart. As they’ve established themselves as a trusted business to these retailers, the company sees little competition in the wholesale market, with stores typically looking to them for their products.

These retailers regularly reach out asking for more products, which presents an excellent opportunity to grow these channels if the company obliges. They could set up bulk products into their retailers’ physical locations, and expand upon the collection that they provide for their wholesale contacts. This would help make their art more accessible and convenient to purchase for the average to consumer, and drastically increase their profits.

There are many other ways in which they could scale, such as building on their marketing structure. Their existing advertising campaign has been successful, as evidenced by the massive size, and utilizes strategies such as SEO and a blog on their website, paid ads on Google and Bing, and even some video advertising through YouTube.

However, there is still room for improvement. For instance, they could more efficiently utilize their nearly 200,000 subscriber strong email database by improving their marketing plan. The company has already begun working to do this, laying out the groundwork for a buyer to create a more efficient model.

They could also improve the amount of organic traffic they receive by putting more focus upon their social media. They already have accounts on many of the most popular websites, such as Pinterest and Instagram, and have over 100,000 followers on Facebook. By building a more active presence on these accounts, they could showcase their products to a wider audience, and continue to strengthen their already marvelous reputation.

The company has been exploring the inclusion of new, related products to their SKU line, which would be worth continuing to pursue in order to bolster growth. Products like pillows, decorative ornaments, and cards are all incredibly giftable, and would tie-in well with the niche that the company fills.

Alternatively, they could study which themes and designs have the highest demand and react accordingly. Their different styles appeal to different demographics, which means that, by marketing to the largest consumer bases, they can secure consistent growth and sales.
The business has already been taking many steps to increase their profits. They have been looking into expanding their SKU roster, updating their website in order to improve their customers’ shopping experience, and working steadily to maintain the company’s position as a leader within its market.

This deal offers a rare opportunity for buyers to acquire a beloved and well-established brand that’s carved out a place for itself in a niche field. What this company needs is someone who not only knows how to carry the momentum that they have already set up, but how to send their trajectory even higher, as well.

If you would like to learn more about this accomplished acquisition, then contact Website Closers to learn more from our brokers.

This eCommerce Company is Represented by:

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WC 2723

Asking Price
$ 3,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 774,338
Gross Income
$ 3,284,124
Year Established