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22 Year Online Certification Program for Vegetarian, Vegan and Plant-Based Consumer Products – 97 Percent Recurring Revenue


Website Closers® presents a trailblazing Internet Company in the growing field of Vegetarian and Vegan Consumer Products Certification. With a global reputation as a leader in promoting the fast-growing vegetarian lifestyle, this lucrative company offers 4 different certification opportunities for companies of all sizes in the booming realm of vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, and recommended consumer products. With an ever-growing list of well-known brands as clients, this brand provides invaluable Certificates of Authenticity to help their clients build trust and credibility with their consumers.

The brand’s certification program has become well respected around the world over 22 years. At a time when the vegetarian, plant-based, and vegan lifestyles have become a $14 billion industry, this company’s enviable standing only grows. As more people choose to adopt a meat-free diet, certifications like these have become indispensable marketing tools. Leading companies such as Taco Bell, Starbucks, Jelly Belly, and more have turned to this brand to provide that certification, leading to tremendous growth in both reputation and revenue.

This online business builds its success on a $250 membership fee that includes certification of one product, while an average order value of $625 includes 6 products being certified as authentically vegetarian or vegan. Membership has expanded and now includes a growing number of people on plant-based diets as well. With the powerful industry-leading reputation of this brand, the company now offers a brand-approved certification through their services that have likewise driven persisting revenue. However, their largest income source stems from additional product certifications that are purchased outside the annual membership.

Expanding beyond food certifications, this company participates in four distinct product categories that they operate in, including skin care/cosmetics, vitamins/supplements, and oils, this diversification has enabled them to take on a wider breadth of clients such as producers of eggs, hand sanitizers, hydration drinks for athletes, frozen foods, non-dairy ice cream, smoothies, cosmetics, and mineral drinks. Their certification program is so unique that it faces minimal competition, as no other organizations provide similarly varied certifications. The unmatched brand recognition of this company has earned it an all but guaranteed high and sustainable demand among companies eager to advertise their products as vegan items that are authentic and trustworthy.

The respect this brand commands has enabled them to continuously bring on new clients, giving them a whopping 56% YOY projected growth. This consistent scaling has been entirely organic so far, which leaves tremendous untapped opportunities such as effective PPC initiatives and proven SEO programs to expand this brand’s awareness and reach even further. There are enormous opportunities here as plant-based foods alone have turned into one of the fast-growing food trends in recent years, having grown by 11% in 2020, faster than total overall food sales. There has also been a 600% increase in Americans identifying as vegans. The popularity of these health trends provides monumental growth potential for this well-established business.

By certifying the health quality and meat-free value of specific products, this company’s services have become necessary to businesses that target the health food, product, and vegan/vegetarian movement. While 65% of their certifications are for food products, the brand gains 20% of its revenues through vitamins and supplements, 13% through skin care and cosmetics, and 2% through oils.

Currently, this company’s diverse offerings have brought in a similarly spanning audience, their members are 60% vegetarian, 35% vegan, and 5% plant-based food dieters. Client revenue is generated from various industries, including top companies such as Herbalife, Egg-Land’s Best, Clorox, Aldi Supermarkets, El Pollo Loco, Hidden Valley, and more. The company’s client base ranges from startups to major producers that have been in business for decades. Many of these clients have been with the company for more than five years and show no signs of stopping.

Carrying 110 steady clients with 31 new members in 2020, this brand has flourished with the growing health and wellness movement, as well as climate concerns that has inspired people to think seriously about their overall health and wellness, and how meat-free eating could help lower global emissions. The business enjoys an incredible 97% recurring revenue from that client base, and the $250 membership fee includes certification of one product with a $75 fee for each additional product.

Marketing has been 100% organic but highly effective, with the business ranking within the top 3-5 results on all major search engines. This brand has also had great success with its client press releases highlighting their certification programs, they are listed at #2 on the Wikipedia “List of Vegetarian Organizations.”

Growing this wildly powerful company, a capable buyer could engage in social media. Lifestyle brands such as these do exceedingly well on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Another option would be to join trade organizations that promote the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and attend trade shows that focus on these rapidly growing industries.

The current ownership spends about 15 hours per week operating this business and their primary tasks include interacting with existing and new members, processing new products to be certified, and sending certificates to customers who have successfully completed the certification process. The owner has no employees but does have one business partner who serves as the IT Director and manages the website and digital assets.

This is a well-established business that is built on a combination of the the public’s growing interest in vegetarianism, veganism, and plant-based lifestyles – which have dramatically increased over recent years – as well as consumer demands for guaranteed quality for the products they buy every day.

Studies indicate that 38% of consumers would be more likely to try a new product if it had clear product information and trusted certifications on it. The ever-increasing public call for transparency has fueled this company’s services means of building consumer trust.

This company has spent two decades building up an enviable reputation, having never lost a certification challenge and never compromising their standards, this offering has an unimpeachable, lucrative standing. With long term clients already onboarded and incomparable awareness, this company stands on proven success that is perfectly positioned to grow further. Enhanced digital marketing techniques can be easily and efficiently utilized to help this company reach new heights.

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