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22 Year SBA Pre-Qualified eCommerce Brand in the Sound Therapy Niche – 27% Repeat Customer Rate – $209 AOV – International & Domestic Sales


Website Closers® presents a Sound Therapy eCommerce company that markets tuner forks and related products designed for personal enhancement, and training for those new to the concept of using it professionally. The company has built up a devoted following within the niche vertical of vibrational tools, and they keep attracting newcomers by providing certification and ongoing educational credits for those interested in the field.

The company has attracted a loyal following by teaching their customers to be natural energy healers for a wide range of ailments, from anxiety to chronic pain. Training and education for becoming an energy healer has translated into a thriving industry among massage therapists and those in the health care field.

This brand has tapped into that growing movement by providing vibrational tools for personal use or to enhance the buyer’s quality of life. Their online Training Academy has become popular with people around the globe.

Both their training and certification programs and their unique branded products have given the company steady year-round sales and a healthy 27% Repeat Customer Rate. They appeal to a large global audience, with 51% of their sales coming from within the U.S. while 49% are international. With more than two decades of experience under their belt, the company is only getting stronger and recently experienced phenomenal 116% year-over-year growth. There is plenty of potential for this business to continue that kind of growth pattern under a new owner.

Vibrational healing has become a popular form of therapy for millions of people, and there is even a field of vibrational medicine which is known as energy medicine. Since the body is composed of energy-producing particles that are in constant motion, the belief is that people are always vibrating and creating energy, and those energies can be used to impact your health in positive ways.

Let’s take a closer look at how this company created a community around not just their website but also this rising movement.

The company has been an innovator in sound therapy.

First launched in 2000, the company initially promoted its sound therapy products at Body/Mind/Spirit expos, later providing workshops to those who expressed interest in their work. As their teaching program become better known and most widely used, sales on their website started to grow – to the point where they no longer needed to attend expos.

The company found themselves appealing to people who were looking for better ways to heal and navigate their lives, and they began earning $400,000 in sales per year, which continued for a decade.

Their sales began to take off in 2021, when they started working with influencers on social media who enabled them to double their customer base.

With an Average Order Value of $209, the company has grown to 40+ SKUs and 20 kits containing some of those 40 products. Their main product is a tuning fork that is sourced from a U.S.-based manufacturer that this brand has worked with for a decade. Their supplier creates specific sets of custom forks to their specifications, and those products are not sold to anyone else, giving this brand exclusive right to market them.

There is no seasonality to their orders, and 80% of sales are from their eCommerce site, with the rest coming from phone orders, wholesale orders, and via live workshops.

Their average customer is a woman who is middle-aged and has established natural therapy practices and are looking to explore new ones. Massage therapists have also become a key factor in their training programs.

Influencers have become a key to their growth.

To drive sales high, the company has run PPC ads on Google and Facebook and used email marketing to stay in contact with their customers.

They are now enjoying greater success through their influencer campaigns, which is now delivering an estimated 10% of their sales. Their influencers have been particularly successful at reaching their target audience and helping to introduce them to the company’s products and training programs.

But the company hasn’t rested on that successful campaign and continues to employ additional marketing tools to drive sales higher. With an email database of 10,000+ subscribers, they continue to find ways to engage their readers.

The company also uses an SEO program that optimizes their website, uses keywords popular in this industry to boost their search engine ranking, and they post educational and informative blogs. It’s working since they now average 10,000+ unique monthly visits to their website.

The company’s marketing is also designed to boost sales on the other channels this company sells on besides their Shopify website, and that includes eBay and Facebook.

Operations are Run Smoothly and Efficiently.

The company has a full-time employee who handles most daily tasks, ranging from marketing to accounting, inventory ordering and tracking, and website management, so the current owner serves mainly as the brand voice who gets prospective customers to join their programs.

There are also two administrative assistances who oversee order fulfillment, inventory organization and assembling of their kits.

The company maintains up to 75 days’ worth of inventory to keep up with orders, and new orders are placed when needed.

The energy movement is a growing one, and as more people discover it, a well-established business such as this one is certain to grow rapidly. There are plenty of ways that a buyer can help facilitate that growth, including by adding additional products and offering new training programs, expanding their successful influencer marketing campaign to Instagram and TikTok, and further developing their online courses.

Contact Website Closers today to learn more about how this business has the energy and drive to provide a significant boost to a buyer’s business portfolio.

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$ 406,556
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$ 903,981
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