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22 Year Software Solutions, CyberSecurity & Managed Services Provider – 3 Straight Years of Growth – 50% Recurring Revenue – International Scope – Focused in Financial Services Sector

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Website Closers® presents a 22 Year Veteran that provides a wide variety of Software Solutions and Managed Services. This technology company has a loyal customer base of devoted clients, their own in-house programming shop, and a long track record of high performance, high quality work within the critical Banking and Financial Services Sectors, where they have gravitated to as their primary customer base.

Services offered by this veteran of the industry include cyber security solutions, cloud computing support services, web and mobile app development, website support help desk, search engine marketing (organic and paid), general data protection (GDPR), cyber security and GDPR certification, and 24/7 IT support.

What’s not to love? With more than two decades of experience providing professional management to clients in the financial sector, the company’s focus on cyber security, software development, certification and mobile app projects has given them nearly 750 satisfied clients on 1,820 completed
projects and a 75% Customer Retention Rate from a large number of satisfied clients – many of whom stay with the company for 10+ years.

And for a new owner – this customer retention and recurring revenue is a risk mitigation factor for any acquisition. The customer base represents the building blocks upon which a new owner can continue to scale the business for many years to come. Starting up a new company to provide these services
would take years, with an unknown outcome … but with the acquisition of this company’s assets, you get a highly regarded staff with a great deal of industry experience, a focus in a particular sector that cements your foothold within in, the aforementioned recurring revenue, and the ability to scale into other verticals, service offerings and industries, either through organic development or through continued M&A.

The company is known in the industry for a number of things, including its smart, competitive prices, the high-quality software they create, and their design agency. The company handles all aspects of modern online solutions for its clients, including cyber security consultancy, maintenance, training, backups, email and cloud support to keep businesses running efficiently. They have no need to  outsource any of their services. With 50% of their revenue now recurring and contract based, the company is enjoying on average 30+% margins on the work they perform.

Their work is being done in a high-growth industry, with the global cybersecurity market alone valued at $202.72 billion in 2022 and expected to enjoy a 12.3% growth through 2030. Three key factors are driving this growth.

One is the rapid proliferation of eCommerce sites today, which gives consumers more choices but also tends to attract more cybercriminals looking for new and sophisticated ways to hack into company data. That’s left businesses and organizations aggressively looking for the most advanced
cybersecurity solutions possible.

The second impacting trend has been the rapid growth since the pandemic of employees working from home, often on multiple devices on anonymous networks, putting new pressure on data security. The third has been government regulations that impose mandatory cybersecurity regulations on
businesses within the financial services sector.

These trends all work in favor of this industry maintaining skyrocketing rates of high growth and increased profitability, including this business. Let’s take a closer look at their history to illustrate their strengths and achievements.

Launched 22 years ago, much of their work has been directed to the banking and financial services sector, which in the UK is heavily regulated. This regulation results in a need to constantly update systems, particularly as it relates to cyber security. Today, customized software development for
London-based banks represents 63% of their sales but not a single client represents more than 7.3% of their revenue. This diversification reduces the risks and increases the positive predictable results within the business.

In addition to banking, the company has experienced growth from clients in logistics, the wholesale industry, and legal firms, and they are now directing their marketing to construction firms. Their success has rested on attracting the owners of thriving businesses that are aware of how significantly the digitalization of their operations enables them to grow. These companies are looking for a reliable technology partner who can provide them with long-term solutions.

Working with regular clients ensures very high money collection rates – 97% in 30 days, 99% in 60 days. Credit management and accounts receivable aging has never been a problem for this business.

With the average length of their contracts extending for 10+ years, referrals and testimonials from satisfied clients continue to expand their customer base. The company usually asks for referrals during client services meetings and their customers are all too happy to oblige. Today most of the work they receive comes from existing clients.

The company has also been successful at attending Trade Shows and exhibitors, which has generated more leads, and they organize webinars and lectures in their office to educate prospective clients on their services.

They also apply digital marketing techniques to their own scale operations. They have an active social media presence on sites that include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram, using each one to build brand awareness of who they are, what they do, and what they have accomplished
for clients.

There are 25 landing pages on their website which are fully optimized for search engines, and they continue to optimize the website on a regular basis. They also maintain an informational blog on their website to expand their customer base.

With 8,500 email subscribers, they regularly update business clients on their digital solutions. The campaigns consist of two informational posts followed by a sales offer with a clear call to action (CTA). Then repeat within a month.

These marketing tools have come in handy as the company continues to expand its reach into new industries. Those tools are also enabling the company to get an average of 3-5 sales leads each week. Information Security is a significant topic today, and the company often gets invited to be the keynote speaker at seminars, lectures, and Joint Ventures events. This builds awareness of their services and converts to more business with low costs and high profits.

This agency has an experienced team based in Bulgaria that handles all tasks related to their work assignments so none of it needs to be sourced outside of the company. Their experience and professionalism have enabled the company to take full advantage of the trend toward stronger software development regulations across the European Union, which has also pushed their prices higher with new and existing clients, and their team is fluent in English and works well with the London office. Located in close proximity to the local Technical University the company can flexibly increase or decrease their staff and select the best talent in town while keeping the cost significantly low. This constant flow of highly-talented post-graduates very often are being paid by funding from the European Union just to help them to get on the career lather ASAP.

As long as online security remains a major concern, agencies such as this one will reap the benefits of businesses, governments, private organizations and a wide swath of industries that need the best, most effective digital solutions to protect their data and client accounts. This brand’s two decades old
reputation for excellence in this field provides a buyer with a loyal customer base, strong recurring revenues, and terrific scale prospects.

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Asking Price
$ 900,000
Cash Flow
$ 259,376
Gross Income
$ 814,922
Year Established

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