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23 Year B2B eCommerce Business in the Custom Promotional Products Vertical – 80% Repeat Order Rate – Strong Supplier Relationships – Easy to Run From Home


Website Closers® presents a well-established brand leader in the Custom Promotional Products Vertical. 23 years of laser-focused, industry-specific experience in producing custom-labeled bottled water for clients has given this brand a solid level of cash flow for many years. Superior market knowledge, tight supplier relationships, and an unbeatable distribution model help make this company thrive. Typical target customers of this brand include businesses looking to increase brand recognition through logo display,  leading to a wide net of potential clients. Their customer service reputation keeps buyers satisfied and returning for their bottled water needs year after year, leading to consistent profits and over 80% of their orders coming in from repeat customers. Current advertising strategies have been modest, but a new owner could double or triple sales by taking a more hands-on approach to customer outreach and driving traffic.

Impeccable relationships and longstanding deals with their suppliers has allowed them to receive rock-bottom prices and fast production times. All suppliers are U.S. based, which is a nice advantage in times of global supply disruption. These types of Business-to-Business relationships permit the production of both quality and quantity and ultimately provides customers with the best possible prices for these goods. Aggressive pricing models have driven sales volume and helped corner the market with superior distribution techniques.

In an age where marketing and advertising are crucial to a company’s launch, success and continual growth, these custom promotional products can build clientele and further network with others in the field. Trade shows are a great way to showcase these types of products through brand recognition, and clients can drive sales by passing out promotional products that their targets actually want—Bottled water being a major one. While many companies print T-shirts, stress balls, and other knickknacks, this company’s products stand in a clear advantage. Nobody says “no” to a bottle of water while walking around a crowded trade show floor. Clients know this, and they will come back to this producer for their logo-laden needs time and time again.

Consistency has been key for this hydration-printing dynamo, and their impeccable range of available SKUs coupled with unbeatable prices and service have resulted in an outstanding 80% Repeat Customer Rate. Providing orders that exceed client expectations on time, every time, has given them an edge like no other. This consistent flow of returning customers ensures brand stability, insulating against market fluctuations and keeping income streams evergreen.

This brand has a steep advantage thanks both to their nationwide distribution network and excellent wholesale prices from their vendors. By working with ten different distributors throughout the U.S., they have been able to cut shipping costs and ensure expeditious shipping on a consistent basis. This is an easy business to learn, and an even easier one to operate: Their current workflow consists of taking orders, commissioning label art from a third-party, and sending the designs to their distributors for printing and shipping.Easy operations combined with a currently limited advertising strategy perfectly position this brand for a flood of scale opportunities. PPC ads on Google, Facebook, Bing, and Twitter have netted the majority of their customers thus far, but more targeted campaigns could easily improve ROI. Utilizing a B2B lead generation service to target businesses within their niche would be a tried-and-true approach to scale rapidly, while social media offers a refreshing route to pursue. Many small business owners, from startup makeup brands to auto parts dealers, survivalist blogs, and more utilize Instagram and other platforms to direct their own sales. This market of startup businesses could be targeted by advertising on the very platforms they use daily, as owners and marketers are often one and the same when it comes to small brands.

Revamping the website with more powerful search tools and even a graphic visualizer could also prove handy. Other custom merch companies, such as Zazzle and VistaPrint, generate substantial traffic by allowing consumers to upload images for viewing on their product in real-time. Implementation of this, incorporation of a logo designer, or even SKU expansion into similar products such as koozies and coasters could also increase sales. Use of an on-site logo designer could increase profitability, as well: Cutting out the designer grants customers even more control over their custom designs while simultaneously reducing costs.

A gleaming reputation, excellent brand relationships, and a quality product all contribute to the solid foundation this brand has to offer. Given their solid foundations and multiple avenues forward, this is one brand awash with options for a new investor.

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$ 492,000
Cash Flow
$ 123,760
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$ 516,168
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