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25 Year eCommerce Brand in the Fine Jewelry Space – Amazon, Website & Wholesale Channels – Proprietary Products – $2M of Inventory Included in Sale


Website Closers® presents a golden opportunity to purchase a well-established, highly stable 25-year-old eCommerce Brand in the widely popular Fine Jewelry Vertical. Originally built in 1987, and with an online presence started in 1998, the owner has understood the importance of and incorporated a streamlined approach to crafting fine jewelry to reach the level of reputability and respect they see now.

Product Reviews

One of the things that stands out with this business is the enormous number of strong product reviews the company enjoys on Amazon. This is difficult to replicate and represents a highly valuable moat that would take others looking to compete with this brand years to replicate

Suppliers & Exclusive Products

The company has built a 2+ decade relationship with their network of suppliers, which has given them a firm grip on every aspect of production, ensuring quality, facilitating cost-effectiveness, and making it easier to adapt to market trends without compromising on their product standards or their pricing. Most of their over 1,000 SKUs are made exclusively for this brand, giving them a unique status that compliments the exceptional caliber of their pieces.

This fluid system of production and product incorporation, along with the appeal of their excellent jewelry, has given them a well-deserved reputation and extensive consumer base throughout the years. A quick glance at their Average Order Values shows an AOV of $140 for their website and $75 for their Amazon storefront, with revenue being generated from a diverse mix of these stores and a wholesale channel. Amazon makes up for most of their sales, and features not only a 97% Positive Feedback Rating, but a 4.8-star average rating for most products and 13% ACOS.


The company has high operational efficiency due to their streamlined workflow structure and their leveraging of Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), which has worked to let them ship out around 100 eCommerce orders every day. Their system is so streamlined in fact that, despite their truly astonishing number of total products, the current owner needs only 15 hours per week to handle strategy and merchandising. The brand also has 3 employees on their payroll, with 1 acting as operations, 1 being a floater that assists in whatever capacity is needed at the time, and 1 taking care of customer service and liaising with freelancers.

Over the two and a half decades since their launch, this brand has firmly established themselves in an industry that’s known to be stable, consistent, and well in-demand. For an ambitious buyer, the fantastic status that the company is sitting at will provide an excellent foundation to capitalize upon the many scale opportunities available to them, sending them even further in scale, profit, and the size of their consumer base.


The company could improve their product roster by continuing their existing pattern of recognizing trends in fashion and the jewelry industry and adapting to them, keeping their products in-demand even as time goes by and consumer preferences shift. They could also explore new types of products or embrace other rising trends such as customization services and/or eco-friendly and sustainable practices in sourcing materials or packaging, letting them better appeal to a wider consumer base.

The buyer could add to how the products are currently sold by implementing a subscription/membership model that offers exclusive perks, discounts, or early access to new collections, fostering a loyal customer base. They could explore additional sales channels such as other online marketplaces or collaborations with niche jewelry platforms, pursue global expansion, or even consider establishing a physical retail presence or pop-up shops to engage customers directly and create an omnichannel shopping experience.

Of course, with all these new products and sales channels, it will be important to draw attention to both them and their existing storefronts as well. They could achieve this through several possible options, which include collaborations with popular influencers and the implementation of a robust content marketing strategy that includes SEO optimization, blog posts, tutorials, and educational content.


This incredible brand has much to offer their buyer. They have highly effective product selection and launch strategies developed over time that will be conveyed to the new ownership, and the asking price of the business includes around $2 million worth of inventory for them to work with. Additionally, as the seller is eager to retire, this will likely facilitate a smooth transition process overall.

The world is truly the oyster for this amazing acquisition, and they themselves are the pearl that’s perfect for picking. If you’d like to pluck this purchase and perfectly polish it, then contact Website Closers today for more information.

This Company is Represented by:

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WC 3271

Asking Price
$ 4,600,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,295,341
Gross Income
$ 7,066,790
Year Established