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25 Year Liquid Supplements eCommerce Brand – 50% Repeat Customer Rate – Owner is also the Manufacturer – Massive Upside Potential


Website Closers® presents a high growth CPG Brand in the Liquid Vitamins & Supplements Vertical. The brand has had an Historic & Iconic Presence in the Industry for over 25 Years and continues to thrive in 2022 (despite many others in the industry struggling coming out of Pandemic Highs). With a multichannel presence on Amazon, a branded Website and a Retail Sales Channel (using the largest distributors in America), there is no height this business cannot attain with the right leadership in place.

Liquid vitamins and supplements are becoming increasingly desired by consumers as the favored way to ingest supplements. This niche has grown 157% in recent years compared to flat growth for pills and capsules. Many of the benefits of Liquid Supplements over Pills, Capsules and other Delivery Methods includes: a more efficient and faster delivery method for digestion, higher concentrations are possible in liquid vs pill form, absorption has been proven to be 5 times better with liquid vitamins, and liquid vitamins are easier to take than large pill or gel capsules (no choking when trying to swallow large pills).

What really sets this business apart is that they are also the Manufacturer of this product. While the manufacturing piece of this business is not for sale (since they also manufacture for many other brands), current ownership will continue to deliver products for a new owner and help find new formulations to help the company grow. In addition, ownership’s preferred structure in a transaction is to remain involved and to retain equity. This helps to ensure an alignment in both manufacturing and growth.

Sales are driven by the highly enthusiastic praise of their customers, who have noted how potent and powerful these liquid vitamins are, providing superior nutritional value for vision, brain function, skin and hair care, and weight loss. These products are in high demand today, and increasingly consumers are making it clear they prefer liquid vitamins over other delivery methods. And how do we know their customers love these products? Because their Repeat Customer Rate is at an Industry High 50%!

For the past few years, Americans have demonstrated a sharply increased interest in staying healthy, and supplements have become a popular way to stay fit through a product easily and conveniently purchased online. However, many consumers are also highly skeptical as to whether the vitamins and supplements they are ingesting are actually working. With Liquid Supplements, the effect of the supplements becomes much more pervasive and obvious to a consumer when compared to gels and pills. This is why the company achieves to many 5 Star Reviews & reorders – the trust they have built with consumers is highly valuable as the brand begins to scale to $100M in Revenue in the coming years.

By marketing their own trademarked products under their brand name, this company has established itself as a leader in a fast-growing field, and one where customers quickly become lifelong subscribers. But as a review of the company’s history will demonstrate, their reputation is also a huge factor in driving sales.

The company owns the formulas used to make their products, and they have grown to 28 SKUs that provide customers with everything from beauty supplements to vegan multivitamins for sleep, vitamins for brain power, eye care, and hair growth, among others.

Sales remain healthy throughout the year, although they do enjoy a spike in sales around the start of each new year, as new customers begin thinking about making a resolution to get healthier. At a higher-than-industry Average Order Value of $65, they’re enjoying robust profits and no single product is dominating sales. Their top selling SKU, a mega Premium Multivitamin, represents just 20% of their revenue, followed by the Kids Multivitamins (17%) and Women’s Multivitamin (15%).

Orders on their Amazon platform are quickly and conveniently shipped through Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), giving the company a strong reputation for speedy deliveries and excellent customer service.

Their typical customer is a woman aged 40 or older who is buying vitamins for her entire family, and the company benefits as well from the sale of vitamins specifically within the health and beauty care categories.

The bulk of the company’s sales (70%) comes from their Amazon platform, where they use Seller Central and now enjoy a very healthy 50% Repeat Customer Rate.

The company has diversified its sales channels to drive profits higher. Their website now contributes 15% of their sales, while a fast-growing 10% comes from retailers in the supplements industry who purchase directly from them in bulk orders.

To keep up with their rising sales, the company stocks 90 days’ worth of inventory at Amazon’s warehouses, and frequently places purchase orders from their in-house manufacturing facility. Everything they do, from creating formulas to launching new products, is handled in house and can continue for a new owner – there is a huge benefit in having all manufacturing, design and formulation handled in a friendly, partnership environment. All the more reason to purchase 70-80% of business and roll back 20-30% to the current owners. All will be aligned.

The company has used multiple digital marketing tactics to build their customer base. PPC ads are run on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, and with an email database of 60,000+ subscribers, they have frequent email campaigns for promotions, upsells, and abandoned cart turnarounds. This has helped to give the brand a 50% return customer rate monthly.

Their SEO program effectively uses backlinking, blog posts and the use of popular keywords related to <liquid vitamins= to attract relevant customers. With 16,000+ unique monthly visitors to their site, the program is working as intended.

Current ownership runs a lean and efficient operation, one that is highly automated and does not require a heavy daily workload. The company is literally on autopilot, requiring minimal work from the owners. Their primary tasks include watching inventory and overseeing the Amazon and website teams. The company has five employees who handle daily operations, including a Full-Time Amazon Manager, two Full-Time Inside Sales Managers, a Full-Time Accounting Manager, and a Part-Time Website Manager.

This is a business that would be easy to scale, and quickly. The company could make an international expansion on Amazon into foreign markets and expand their B2B sales via a focused campaign targeting health stores nationwide.

Affiliate marketing and an added focus on secondary sales channels could also boost their sales.

This eCommerce Business is Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 50,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 10,865,748
Gross Income
$ 31,773,955
Year Established