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25 Year Liquid Vitamins & Supplements Brand – 50% of Revenue is Recurring – Thousands of Strong Reviews – Sales on Amazon, Website & Wholesale


Website Closers® presents a Liquid Supplements Brand that has been operating successfully for over 25 years. The company has become a leading seller of liquid supplements on Amazon and is well-known in the marketplace. Their position and rank are backed by a higher than usual Repeat Customer Rate of 50% … something every supplement company strives to achieve – and continuing to do this after 25 years is impressively, to say the least. We normally see these rates closer to 25-30%, so such high repeat orders is a testament to this company’s customer service, attention to detail, and their endless quest for the perfect flavors for their products to achieve the best-tasting liquid vitamins available on the market.

This target represents a unique opportunity for a buyer to acquire a business that is focused on eCommerce yet has been in operation for over 2 decades. It is also attractive because their products are entirely proprietary and manufactured in-house based on their own in-house developed, custom formulas. They operate in a burgeoning field and a thriving vertical, but one with low competition due to how difficult it is to both manufacture liquid supplements, but also perfect the taste. In fact, the Liquids Supplements industry is up by a stunning 157%, while sales of vitamin pills and capsules remain flat. Why? Because there is ample evidence that they are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and can contain many nutrients when compared to the pill or gummy form of supplements.

Evidence suggests that when you take a supplement in pill form, only 10 to 20% of the nutrients within are properly absorbed into your bloodstream. With liquid vitamins, evidence suggests a much higher absorption rate due to the way the body digests solids versus liquids. While liquid supplements tend to be at a higher price point, consumers devoted to taking the liquid form of a supplement are okay with paying a premium to feel better about the results of taking supplements in the first place. And the growth trends suggest that this awareness will continue to rise in time.

What is also exciting about this particular transaction is that, in addition to their ownership of this successful brand, ownership also owns a fully operational liquid supplements manufacturing plant that not only produces all of this brand’s products at rock bottom prices, but also produces liquid supplements for a number of other brands. Even though the manufacturing arm is not available for sale, a buyer will still get a great benefit in the fact that post-closing, the manufacturing process will be controlled by this manufacturing company and the cost of the product will be agreed to upfront (at current levels) to avoid post-closing negotiations.

The owners of this brand are only interested in selling to a partner that is willing to structure a transaction in such a way that the current owners retain a certain amount of equity and remain involved. While their goal is to retain 20-30% of the company after close, they are open and flexible on structure … but very bullish on the brand. They want to retain equity because they see this brand growing to a $100M revenue generator in the coming years if they partner with the right group. And this retained stake, in combination with their ownership of the manufacturing arm, will keep their feet to the fire to ensure there are no problems with the operation of this brand after closing, to achieve fixed pricing on the goods, and to ensure the processing of orders is smooth for the newco after closing. Together with the right partner, current ownership wants to take this company further into retail, into additional online marketplaces, and to make it \a true household name.

Through the years, ownership has created a number of valuable assets that go beyond the business itself to include a treasure trove of videos, testimonials, and other marketing materials that will help the business continue to scale. All the ingredients are there for this company to be taken to phenomenal new heights.

The liquid dietary supplements market was worth $42 billion in 2022, while this niche space is projected to grow by 8% to $93 billion by 2030. While growing consumer awareness of personal health, fitness, and nutritional deficiencies are driving these sales higher, liquid supplements in particular are becoming considerably more popular and trusted. Marketing a supplement in a popular vertical is easier than ever today since more than one-third of Americans use supplements to be proactive about their health. Today, these products are easier than ever to find at retail shops and online as well.

Launched 25 years ago, this company markets products on Amazon and their Shopify Website … all of which are manufactured for them at their in-house facility in Dallas. That includes multivitamins and supplements designed to address issues related to bone strength, weight loss, vision, brain function, and hair, skin, and nail quality. Their 28 SKUs come in the form of liquid vitamins created to provide a higher level of nutrition to the body.

The company owns the formulas for all their products, which are sold exclusively under their brand name.

At an Average Order Value of $65, these products enjoy exceptional recurring revenues, and no one product dominates sales. Their top-selling mega multivitamin is 20% of their sales, followed by kids multivitamins (17%), women’s multivitamins (15%) and men’s multivitamins (12%). While sales do tend to increase around the first of the year — when consumers make health-conscious fitness resolutions — there’s very little seasonality to these products – they tend to attract health-conscious buyers year-round.

Women aged 40 or older make up the top demographic for this brand, and those customers often order multiple products for the entire family.

While the brand also sells on its own website, 70% of sales are generated on Amazon is efficient for the brand in numerous ways. Operating on Seller Central, the company uses Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) to handle shipping and logistics, and they are now stocking 3 months’ worth of inventory to keep up with demand.

They also enjoy highly enthusiastic reviews on Amazon, which has helped the brand develop a sense of authenticity among consumers just discovering them and learning more about their vitamins.

Not all their sales are DTC. About 10% of their sales are now to their key retail distributors, and those numbers are growing since the health and beauty sectors are expanding so rapidly, while more and more consumers are choosing to take vitamins in liquid form.

There are now up to 16,000+ unique visitors to their site every month, and that organic traffic has been boosted in numerous ways, including PPC ads on Facebook, Instagram, and on Google.

The company has a very strong and effective SEO program that includes white hat backlinks and a content strategy (including a blog on their website) built around keywords such as <liquid vitamins= that boost their search engine rankings and drive customers to their sites.

With 60,000+ subscribers in their email database, the company takes full advantage of email marketing to promote their products, and they post regularly on their social media platforms.

Another major benefit for a buyer is that this company is virtually on autopilot, with daily tasks handled by an experienced team that includes a full-time Amazon manager, an accounting manager, two inside sales managers, and a part-time website manager and social media handler.

The current ownership focuses mainly on keeping track of inventory and overseeing the Amazon and website teams.

The buyer of this amazing brand, which has a strong and vibrant track record in the field of nutritional supplements, is in a great position to enjoy strong recurring revenues and excellent scale opportunities for many years to come.

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Asking Price
$ 35,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 10,805,415
Gross Income
$ 31,694,708
Year Established