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25 Year Online Day-Trading Education Service & Stock Trading Platform – Subscription Model with 57% Recurring Revenues – 35% Net Margins – Traders in more than 120 Countries


Website Closers® presents an enormously successful Internet Business operating within the evolving and lucrative field of Online Trading and Investing for Retail (consumer) investors. Providing trading systems and training for active investors, their staff of highly experienced traders provides an unprecedented level of customer and technical support to clients. Powering past the competition, this brand has 25 years of experience under its belt and a solid reputation for providing trustworthy and reliable information on stock options trading. The company operates on a Subscription Model with a 57% Recurring Customer Rate and now work with clients in more than 100 different countries around the globe. A built-in base of repeat customers continue to line up every time the company releases a new service, offering excellent Return On Investment for innovative product development. 

Accumulated over two decades, an email database containing a phenomenal 500,000+ subscribers with a highly engaged contact list offers fantastic customer outreach in addition to the up to 40,000 Uniques visiting the website monthly. These hefty strengths, coupled with ample scale opportunities and the longevity of a business in operation for over 2 decades, make this a smart buy for any eager investor. Founded in December 1996, this online business remains the longest-serving eLearning, Training operation in its niche category of eTrading investment advice. From the beginning, their most engaged audience has always been active traders eagerly looking for ways to get the upper hand and outshine the competition. This company’s focus is divided between options and equities trading, as well as day trading. Providing subscription alerts for real-time options sets this firm apart, and as a result has demonstrated the widest appeal among clientele.

Offering “Do It Yourself” systems in addition to their alert-based faire has helped attract additional customers who want full control over their portfolios. Their trade alert services are sold as either quarterly or annual subscriptions, along with an “unlimited” option sold at a higher price point, since it doesn’t come with recurring charges. Customer enthusiasm for their offerings is abundantly clear: The brand enjoys 65% renewal rates on their quarterly subscriptions, and 57% annual renewal rates as well as a slew of glowing 5-star reviews. Their average customer purchases $1,500 in products and services from them, and sales rarely experience slowdowns except around the holidays. Most of their products and services can easily last up to 5 years, and often extend well beyond that.

A key contributor to the company’s endurance has been delivering niche products to their tuned-in customer demographic, which tends to be made up of  self-motivated men with above average net worth looking to either generate capital growth or develop a new income stream. Many are between ages 40 and 60 with some trading experience, but overall, a mixed record when they first approach this company. They all come looking to learn and improve their market-maneuvering skills. Easier access via the web has made it possible for retail investors to access financial information once available only to brokers and investment managers, fueling explosive growth in the consumer trade game. Anyone connected to the Internet can take advantage of high-speed computers to negotiate various transactions in seconds, increasing the value of courses and software among both new and experienced traders.

A fresh infusion of investors in their 20’s and 30’s, the fastest growing segment in the past two years, is propelling rapid growth and explosive gains. In response, the company is actively developing new products tailored to Gen Z and Millennial investors expected to be released in the coming months. The company enjoys 82% gross margins. Their real-time alert services account for 65% of revenue, while the remaining 35% comes from their higher priced “Do It Yourself” offering of complete systems, software, and training. They generate additional revenue from third party offers looking to get promoted on their lead list. 

The brand’s email database, with more than 500,000+ subscribers, has been a key part of their marketing campaign. The company enjoys a high active engagement level through their emails, with up to 90,000+ responding regularly to their email blasts. 

The company’s YouTube channel, which has 65,000+ subscribers, also contributes up to 2,000 new high-quality leads each month from the organic traffic it generates. PPC ads contribute as well, with ads run on Google and Facebook (where they have 13,000+ followers) estimated to be bring in 10,000 new regular leads. Proving tremendously effective in boosting organic traffic, their informative blog has helped see the brand’s website generate strong traffic of 37,000 – 40,000 visitors per month, of which about half is from organic/social channels.  The balance are direct, referral, email & paid search.

Growing an operation at this scale may seem like a bear of a task, but the portfolio of options is virtually limitless. The brand could increase its social media presence on additional sites and establish a more aggressive posting schedule. There are also opportunities to increase sales through their already successful email marketing campaigns. With younger investors seeking an increasing amount of advice online, more aggressively tapping into the channels frequented by this demographic will provide impeccable ROI. 

Launching new service offerings would also increase sales, as would bringing in experts who could create new training programs, additional alert systems, and new software for investors to take advantage of. In addition to experts on the development side, utilizing social media “trade gurus” as part of an influencer marketing program could rope in new leads. In addition, this company could establish affiliate partnerships with other companies operating in this niche space and find ways to promote one another’s strengths and unique offerings.

The bottom line is that this company has remained profitable by remaining small and lean, but there are multiple channels available to grow. It all depends on how aggressive a buyer wants to be.

It helps that this brand has an experienced team that can stay in place during the transition, managing daily operations of this profitable business with high recurring revenues. The company has clearly stood the test of time, and their seasoned staff of experts cannot be overlooked in this feat. 

For a buyer, this is a well-oil machine that could easily become a behemoth.

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$ 4,700,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,074,960
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$ 2,796,815
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