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26 Year B2B Web Design, Development & Digital Marketing Agency – 55% Recurring Revenue via SaaS Offering – 10-15 Year Average Client Lifetime with Firm


Website Closers® presents a brand strategy, web design and digital marketing agency with a lengthy track record of providing web design and branding services to clients in a variety of Professional Services. The agency had a low churn rate of just 1.5% in 2021 and many of their clients have been with them for 10-15 years. Today, 55% of the agency’s annual revenue is recurring. Their growth has relied almost entirely on word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients, their reputation within the industry, and the strength of the websites they have designed for clients, which are prominently displayed on their own site.

Part of their industry reputation is owed to a special marketing tool they created for lawyers and other professional service providers. This popular tool is a subscription-based website service developed for small and medium sized professional service organizations, aimed at closing the gap between lower priced, generic web products and high-budget custom websites. This SaaS platform provides users with an agency-quality design and powerful content management capabilities at far less of a cost than equivalent custom websites.

The need for professional website design services is exceptionally high today as the vast majority of businesses across all sectors now rely on a website to help generate leads and for branding. In other words, a high-quality site has become more of a necessity than ever before and there is no reason to think that this necessity will do anything but grow over time. Without a website, customer prospects and confidence shrinks considerably. In 2021, there were over 5 Billion internet users – including 3.1 Billion who are social media users – and Google averages 40,000 searches every second, or the equivalent of 1.2 Trillion searches worldwide each year. Websites are the endpoint of that customer journey, and it is an attractively-designed and user-friendly website that delivers customers today.

This brand, which has nearly three decades of experience providing consulting, creative design and hosting services to its clients, has become a popular one with a diverse array of prominent national and international firms. Let’s take a closer look at the methods they have used to build up and maintain their loyal clientele.

The agency has a strong industry reputation. Launched 26 years ago, the company has developed a host of in-demand services that include brand and project strategy, UX/UI design, web development, and digital marketing support. With an experienced team in place, they have an expertise in branding for the professional services industry and a reputation for high-quality deliverables and client service. Their services include brand strategy, web design, digital marketing and marketing support services for clients in fields that include law firms of any size, general corporate, non-profits, tourism and hospitality, and general corporate/business. They are also foremost experts on thought leadership and information-as-a-service microsites.

Today the agency has 128 clients, and most have been with the company for between 5 and 15 years. Contracts are available for one-time services, ongoing services, or a combination of both, and many of the clients who initially signed on for web design stayed on long term for hosting and consulting. Pricing has ranged from $1,000 to as high as $100,000+.

They created an innovative SaaS platform for clients. Today, 40% of the agency’s revenue comes from their SaaS-based website work, 72% of which is recurring. Their custom website development represents an additional 20% of their sales. In creating this platform for small and mid-sized firms, the agency took a leadership position, particularly in the law firm website space, since this platform offers these firms high quality websites at reduced costs, along with the kind of best-in-class features that many smaller firms often found outside of their reach financially.

That also marked a shift for the company, which was originally focused on the largest law firms, but recognized the plentiful opportunities available with smaller ones, and trended toward those firms in recent years.

The agency is continuously upgrading and adding capabilities to the SaaS platform, including recently deploying a new front-end framework that gives them more design flexibility while opening up a “semi-custom” approach that allows sites to evolve with fewer restrictions and hit a new price-point “sweet spot” that falls in between the base SaaS setups and much more costly fully-custom projects.

Word of Mouth is their top marketing tool. With a low churn rate and a loyal client base, referrals from those clients has become the strongest tool this agency has for attracting new business. The agency posts examples of their completed web designs on their site with links to their clients’ own sites, and many clients allow the agency to show a site credit and link to ICVM Group in the footer of their own sites. Clients and colleagues actively refer new business to the agency, and even past clients who used the agency for one-time projects have re-engaged them often.

That gives this brand enormous scale options if they apply their skills at digital marketing to their own website to drive traffic higher. That could include social media and email marketing campaigns, thought leadership initiatives such as earned media, webinars and speaking engagements.

Currently, the agency gets around 2,000+ unique monthly visitors to their website and could easily drive those numbers considerably higher through those digital marketing tactics, and by running PPC ads on Google to boost their search engine visibility.

Their team runs daily operations. The agency has five full-time employees including a director of design and development, a senior architect and tech lead, a designer, a developer, and an account manager. The current ownership has also vetted an extremely capable overflow team of designers, developers, writers, strategists, animators, video/audio and specialists that it employs during busy periods. These resources are proven and affordable, and only add cost when the agency is also driving more revenue.

As one of the premiere providers in North America for web design, development and hosting services for the professional services industry, many of the best practice standards now used globally can be traced back to their studio. Some of the most prestigious service firms in the world are among their clients.

This is an innovative agency with a strong future, particularly since they have the team in place to continue appealing to existing and new clients in need of sophisticated digital work.

Contact Website Closers today to find out from our brokers how this agency can unlock a highly profitable future for a shrewd buyer.

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