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The target is a highly diversified eCommerce company with three (3) consumer product brands, each with concentrations in 3 completely separate categories: bird repellents, stationary products and storage. This diversification makes this opportunity especially interesting since it can withstand the tides of seasonality. The company has really excelled in 2017, achieving YOY growth of 300%!

This eCommerce Internet Company has entered 3 high-demand segments and has dominated the Amazon marketplace for those segments by selling across five countries and adorning a number of their top products with Best Seller Tags.

The company uses the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) model to pick, pack, ship and store inventory, requiring no warehousing of any kind. This will allow a buyer the easy ability to relocate the company and transition it to whatever city/state they prefer. By using FBA, all products shipped by Amazon are covered by Amazon’s customer service team, returns are managed by Amazon and all products are shipped 2-day or next-day to prime members.

Current ownership utilizes a handful of independent contractors, including a sourcing agent, that hand-picks all products and ensures quality before delivery. Working capital requirements for this business are very low, requiring inventory replenishments every two months and basic tech needs such as website development on an as-needed basis.

The business has recently entered the EU market using the FBA platform, selling in several countries with success. As with many of our clients, they are sure to see rapid growth in these maturing markets over the next year and beyond. Through Amazon alone, this company has the potential to skyrocket and achieve ownership in its segments, having successfully launched brands in rapid fashion, achieving organic results right out of the box. The company is forging ahead with plans to move into additional venues such as Walmart.

The company has found a lot of positive results identifying and marketing towards upcoming trends. The owner is open to sharing a simple but highly effectivity strategy for identifying upcoming trends before they are common knowledge of other Amazon sellers.

Through organic Amazon marketing and a minimal investment in social presence, this company has achieved brand recognition on Amazon and maintained a 5-star rating and nearly perfect positive consumer feedback. With only nominal effort in the hands of a motivated buyer, this branded retailer is cleared for takeoff to the next level of profitability, both domestically and internationally.

This eCommerce Retailer Represented by:
Tech & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 2,250,000
Cash Flow
$ 497,981
Gross Income
$ 2,705,361
Year Established