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40 Year Electrical & Wiring Supplies eCommerce Brand for the Marine & Automotive Sectors | Consistent YOY Growth | 20% Repeat Orders | MultiChannel

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Website Closers® presents a long-standing brand that has garnered an extensive and devoted customer base by selling highquality, US-sourced Automotive and Marine Electrical and Wiring Supplies. Revenues are drive by offering a comprehensive range of wiring and electric supplies, tire repair essentials, mobile A/C products, and an array of shop supplies.

Revenue is driven by Amazon, accounting for 45%, followed by the company website, responsible for 34%, and eBay making up the remainder. Notably, the company boasts Brand Registry on Amazon and is a Top Seller on eBay.

Business Broker Valuation Points

Numerous factors set this business apart and make it an attractive acquisition opportunity.

  • It boasts a lean but proficient team of key employees with extensive industry experience, committed to remaining on under new ownership. The seller is dedicated to facilitating continued success and is willing to provide a longterm transition plan ensuring continuity and stability.
  • With a remarkable 40-year history, the company has gained trust and credibility in the market, this credibility positively impacts the bottom line.
  • Another trait the team takes great pride in is its evergreen product line, featuring premier automotive supplies. Almost all products are sourced in the US, contributing to a reputation for reliability and durability, and the proprietary brand adds a unique edge to the business.
  • Management employs a hybrid fulfillment process, optimizing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Being a non-seasonal venture ensures consistent revenue throughout the year, mitigating the impact of market fluctuations. The business has achieved organic growth, with a 20% Repeat Customer Rate, showcasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. It possesses an email database of 70,000 subscribers, providing a valuable asset for targeted marketing efforts. Notably, the company has demonstrated consistent yearover-year growth without significant marketing efforts, underscoring its market relevance and potential for further expansion.

Product & Sourcing

Products are sourced directly from several manufacturers. Most are US-made, with the others procured from Asia. After more than 40 years, the owners have made industry contacts and built relationships that allow for considerable purchasing discounts. They are routinely offered close-outs, special purchases, and liquidations that significantly increase their margins. Standard orders are placed weekly or as necessary on favorable terms, including 30-day accounts and credit card payments.

A simple yet astute strategy that has proven lucrative has been packaging many products in unique quantities for better customer value. Doing so assists the brand in standing out from rivals, giving them a competitive edge.

The hybrid inventory model consists of 90% stocked products with the remaining 10% DropShipped. Approximately 100 orders are dispatched daily from the company’s 3,200-square-foot warehouse.

Scale Opportunities

The marketing strategy is rudimentary and consists of promotion on Amazon and eBay, monthly adverts in an industry publication, and periodic emails announcing specials. This presents one of many opportunities for an owner to elevate the brand. Deploying robust digital marketing strategies such as effective SEO practices and targeted online advertising campaigns can immediately increase visibility and engage specific demographics. Leveraging social media for marketing can create a significantly broader audience and build a brand community, boosting sales.

Building a dedicated sales team is another opportunity worth considering. A specialized team can explore untapped customer segments, establish partnerships, and widen the customer base beyond platforms like Amazon and eBay.

Investing in warehouse expansion would enable a buyer to meet growing demand. Expanding storage capabilities and maintaining a more extensive product inventory would prevent stockouts, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute toward top and bottom-line growth.

Securing exclusive agreements with critical suppliers stands as another key opportunity. Exclusive rights to sell high-demand products would differentiate the business, enhance perceived value, and provide control over the supply chain for sustained growth.

Furthermore, increasing customer engagement through loyalty programs, personalized marketing, and proactive customer support would strengthen relationships, encourage repeat business, and contribute to organic growth through positive word-of-mouth and referrals.


The business owners focus chiefly on purchasing, sales, administration, and bookkeeping. Notably, the team in place that is motivated to remain postacquisition should a buyer desire comprises staff in various capacities. These include members in shipping, warehouse management, online content, reception, as well as inventory handling and general maintenance.

With this solid foundation, consistent financial performance, a multitude of scale opportunities, and the option of a long-term transition, a buyer is primed for continued success and growth.

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WC 3297

Asking Price
$ 1,600,000
Cash Flow
$ 293,994
Gross Income
$ 1,603,750
Year Established

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