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5 Year, High Growth eCommerce Brand in the Shoe & Jewelry Care Vertical


Website Closers® presents a sophisticated private label offering in the Shoe & Jewelry Care Vertical. This eCommerce brand provides everything from polishes and cleaning gels to cleaning brushes and shoehorns to help customers maintain and enjoy their high-quality goods. Carrying popular offerings such as complete cleaning bundles of each category and new eco-friendly, natural cleaning products, this company has earned a whopping 31% YOY Growth. Operating through their popular Amazon storefront that boasts a phenomenal 98% Positive Seller Rating as well as a Shopify Website that has been recently updated for impactful SEO improvements, this dynamic company is already engaging in powerful growth initiatives.

Channel diversification through Amazon international as well as stronger marketing tactics could impactfully scale this offering. With a myriad of promising opportunities like this, the target is well positioned to grow dramatically across the coming years as the markets shift towards sustainable goods that will require upkeep. This strategic, 5-year established investment is an amazing offering for any type of buyer seeking an established brand with strong growth and huge upside opportunity.

With all categories of products being sold under one unified brand, this well-developed company could see strong growth through additional brand development. Creating a stronger social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok, this company could see exponential growth through stronger awareness and appeal to younger generations. As much of the Millennial and Gen Z population have lower disposable income than previous generations, they will seek to elongate the usability of their high-quality goods and could be an incredibly profitable target for this brand.

This private label branded Amazon seller stands to grow exponentially with marketing development. Currently leveraging Amazon PPC and affiliate marketing, this brand could expand tremendously by partnering with other brands throughout the industry. For example, selling their jewelry cleaner in jewelry stores as well as connecting with a jeweler’s clientele to offer products. Another promising channel would be to promote their products in shoe repair and cobbler shops as well as through other storefronts selling leather goods. Finally, as people gear up for special events, they begin paying more attention to their lesser used, fine goods and may need a good recommendation. Connecting with event planning firms and wedding vow renewal planners could be another great source of revenue.

In charge of inventory tracking, orders, shipments, and full team oversight, the current owner of this business works 4 hours each week. Leveraging a 3rd party for the current PPC efforts, this company carries no full-time employees. They do rely upon a VA based in the Philippines for customer service, as well as a remote Graphic Designer for all listings, website updates, and social media content creation. This brand has engaged in blogging over the past year through a 3rd party and seen a dramatic uptick in longtail keyword traffic.

This 5-year established private label brand has seen a 31% YOY growth rate despite the pandemic over the last year. With its new, highly appealing products, this business has a strong offering with impactful bundles and a powerful storefront that can be maintained for enviable revenue growth or further enhanced for jaw dropping results. In the right hands, this acquisition could grow significantly over the foreseeable future with a multitude of promising scale opportunities such as marketing, channel diversification, and industry relationship building. Offering remarkable sales and a whole portfolio of awe-inspiring growth paths, this company is one investment you do not want to miss.

This eCommerce Brand Represented by:

Website Closers

Tech, Internet & eCommerce Business Broker

Listing ID:  WC2229

Asking Price
$ 3,750,000
Cash Flow
$ 834,800
Gross Income
$ 3,339,100
Year Established