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5 Year Personalized Engraved Gifts and Goods eCommerce Company – 3 Brands – Wedding, Groomsmen & Corporate Gifts Verticals


Website Closers® presents a highly targeted eCommerce Business that has expanded phenomenally over the past 5 years. Growing from 1 brand to 3 during this 5 year period, the company has established itself among the lucrative personalized and custom gift niches for men, groomsmen and weddings. A popular choice for weddings, holidays, and special events, this company has leveraged its unique targeting, branding, and original craftsmanship to draw in loyal customers from all walks of life for the ever-growing Uncommon Goods Sector.

Selling many proprietary and exclusive products, all SKUs are designed in-house, making them truly uncommon and unique – a great defensive moat against others in the space. Developing their offerings further, this Internet Company has seen a dramatic sales increase with the addition of corporate clients. In the right hands, this acquisition is well set up for dependable and rapid growth through a multitude of high return scaling strategies.

Utilizing organic, PPC, and word of mouth growth, this company has been able to effectively carve out a corner of the market for their high quality, personalized, and exclusive products such as Whiskey Decanters, Wooden Watches, Leather Wallets, and Money Clips. With year-round profitability, this brand regularly sees a sharp uptick in sales during the fall wedding season, and their gifts have become popular for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Father’s Day. Working to increase these enviable revenue levels, an incoming buyer could smartly build out wholesale options, themed bundles, and corporate gifting contracts, among others.

The company typically stocks anywhere from $30k to $70k worth of inventory throughout the year, which consistently sells out. Keeping overhead costs low, the business only employs one part-time worker while bringing on seasonal help during peak earning times including the winter holidays. With many of their products being crafted in house, this brand holds inventory for 100% of their sales, keeping an average of 2-3 months of inventory on hand.

This opportunity has recently experienced a rapid increase in corporate clients. Corporate gift sales skyrocketed in Q4 2020, with the average value of each order ranging from $2,000 to $7,000. A family owned and operated business, this company has had little time or training for enhanced marketing tactics. A growth-oriented buyer could easily extend this company’s audience reach and engagement through improved SEO practices, social media brand development, and influencer marketing.

Currently operating organic pages on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, while listing their products through popular eCommerce sites, such as Shoppify, Amazon, and Etsy, these brands have a strong foundation in both marketplace and social. Developing these digital storefronts, an experienced buyer could impactfully enhance the brand’s online listings to garner extended revenue streams. With opportunities spanning from page enhancements on TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram to paid PPC advertising through search, social media, and the sales hubs mentioned above, this acquisition promises dramatic scale through carefully targeted marketing campaigns. Recently updating their own websites with modern SEO initiatives and content marketing, the foundation has already been crafted for greater, lasting success.

The company has demonstrated its resilience throughout the pandemic with its popularity for personalized wedding gifts and corporate sales. During peak wedding season, this offering branch has demonstrated sustainable profit growth. It’s been estimated that more than 100 people attend the average wedding, each one bringing gifts for the couple and spending, on average, more than $100 per gift. At the peak of the nuptial season, this audience represents a fast-growing customer base for that perfect gift. The recent addition of corporate gift packages has allowed this business to thrive in the current financial environment, positioning the brand for explosive growth as the economy recovers.

Current ownership dedicates an average of 30 hours per week to managing, running, and growing this offering. Operating with only one worker, the incoming buyer could swiftly minimize their workload through hiring a VA. Over the past 5 years, this company has skyrocketed in both offerings and sales to develop 3 powerful brands that maintain steady sales all year round. A leader in the niche wedding gift market, as well as the highly lucrative corporate sales industry, this business is easily operated with a 1,500 sq. ft. warehouse.

With enviable consumer loyalty built through direct-to-consumer sales, and a reputation for quality, this company has found creative ways to innovate, expand, and thrive. Offering proven success and strategic growth positioning, this company is a fantastic investment for any type of buyer.

This eCommerce Retailer Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2252

Asking Price
$ 500,000
Cash Flow
$ 117,523
Gross Income
$ 651,357
Year Established