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Custom Packaging Provider for Human & Pet Products – 80% Repeat Order Rate – 181% YOY Growth – SBA Pre-Qualified


Website Closers® presents an exciting and rare opportunity to purchase a Custom Printed, Flexible Packaging  Provider for Human & Pet Food Products. This B2B offering can be effectively operated from anywhere and offers a multitude of packaging types, including Stand Up Pouches, Flat Bottom Bags, Kraft Paper Bags, and more. The full range of packaging options are fully printable and customizable, allowing this company to target manufacturers, sellers, and resellers across several industries.

As brands sell through products, they use up their existing packaging supply and must regularly replenish it in order to continue operations. This creates a dependence between the brand and packaging supplier that has led to this targets whopping 80% Repeat Customer Rate. Additionally, all products are developed on demand and sold in bulk to minimize overhead costs such as inventory and storage while a high average order value of $15,000.

This Business can be purchased for as little as 5-10% down using Website Closers’ Preferred Lending Partners via the SBA Process. This allows a much faster ROI with low interest rates and a 10-year amortization period. Our team can work with you during this process to ensure the loan package is done the right way, up front.

Currently carrying 100 different wholesale clients, this company leverages a strong traffic generation strategy through cold email marketing. Utilizing a powerful database of more than 6,000+ contacts, this business has been able to grow and maintain sales levels year over year. Building on this, creating retargeting campaigns for unanswered cold emails and creating an advertising portfolio could drive additional growth and more lifetime customers.

Optimizing their website for search while crafting campaigns through social media and selling hubs, such as Facebook Marketplace,, and Etsy, could prove exceedingly effective for lead generation. Targeting small businesses and startups as well as companies that may be looking to rebrand, this opportunity is vastly applicable and dynamically marketable. The top social media platforms for B2B marketing include Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Additionally, partnering with business incubators and affiliate marketing networks could generate unrivaled awareness.

With international appeal, this company is able to craft unique packaging products in any language, design, and color to encourage worldwide appeal. Creating more offerings such as economically friendly options and packaging solutions for other product types could improve sales. Branching into these adjacent packaging verticals could prove invaluably profitable, especially when considering this targets incredible recurring customer rate.

A largely hands-off opportunity, current ownership spends an average of 5-6 hours each week to pay vendors as well as employees, prepare samples for shipping, and engage in lead generation. The team currently consists of 5 part time, remote workers who fill the roles of lead salesperson, salesperson, logistics manager, production manager, and bookkeeper.

A company with more than 4 years of success under their belt, this offering carries an unmatched AOV of $15,000 along with a recurring customer rate of 80%. Leveraging this formidable business model, an incoming owner could effectively and easily scale the company with little additional effort. Just a few of the options open to a capable buyer include, product expansion, marketing initiatives, and SEO practices.

Furthering this company’s market standing, an incoming owner could also begin targeting international companies to drive extended value and reach. An acquisition with limitless opportunity for growth and lasting success, this is a strategic investment for any type of buyer.


This Custom Packaging Provider Represented by:

Tech, Internet & B2B eCommerce Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2248

Asking Price
$ 3,350,000
Cash Flow
$ 637,988
Gross Income
$ 2,564,306
Year Established