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6 Year Digital Marketing Agency | Fortune 500 Clients | 65% Repeat Contracts | Average Contract Value: $75k – $150k | Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros & More

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Website Closers® presents a Digital Marketing Agency whose strong foundation and 6 year track record allow it to be trusted by household brands around the world, which include, but are not limited to, Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros, Lionsgate, Universal, and Sephora. Disney is a strong repeat client with this firm with ample room to grow. Finding a digital marketing agency for sale in 2024 with this level of experience, a solid team, and world-renowned clients is formidable at best – this is a unique offering that will go under contract very quickly.

The backbone of their service offerings has been their dedication to creating excellent digital and viral experience for brands looking to promote themselves. These businesses are often looking for creative ways to rise above the vast amount of competition they face across the internet and get people talking about their brand through creative uses of video and technology. This agency helps their clients through the strategy of creating concepts, bringing those ideas to life: whether through social content, experimental activations, influencer marketing, video, or technology services.

Their products and services include a white label solution for creating social content apps for brands, a comment sentiment tracker that uses AI to analyze and answer questions about user comments online, full production commercials and social ads, and a variety of other valuable offerings for enterprises. The effectiveness of their services has been proven both by the industry titans that they serve, as well as their incredible 65% Repeat Customer Rate. Their Average Order Value (AOV) falls between $75k and $150k, and they see no seasonality to speak of throughout the year.

Here are some of the reasons our business brokers are excited about this agency:

  • They boast a Fortune 50 client list. Their client base features a remarkable number of massive global enterprises, who are consistently satisfied enough with the brand’s services to return time and time again. The rapport and reputation they have built among these companies is invaluable and sets them apart from similar agencies in their industry.
  • They see consistent demand. Another benefit to their core client base is that there is always new content being released that requires significant marketing spend in a short amount of time. The agency is capable of successfully managing multiple projects at once, with the average duration of a project typically being 4 to 6 weeks.
  • They’re keeping up their momentum. The agency sees bigger opportunities in the future through the creation of fully produced commercialized content for consumer product brands. Sephora, for instance, recently spent $600,000 on a series of digital shorts. The brand has also recently begun to expand into partner relationships with other agencies such as Digitas, Publicis, PMG, and Ogilvy, which will be helpful in fostering stronger growth and building their existing client base.

Marketing and Management

The brand has a full-time team of 12 employees in place, consisting of full-time contractor employees and a few W-2 staff members. They also have a large list of independent contractors who are hired on a per-project basis. The current ownership, meanwhile, is responsible for managing the sales and delivery team, working with the creative team to build client pitch decks, overseeing the finance and budgets for projects, and handling general forecasting with the accounting team.

Their marketing campaign is comprised of several tactics, such as LinkedIn, social selling, cold email outreach, referrals generated by building relationships, articles that feature the brand and their marketing services, and an SEO campaign utilizing specific key words.

Scale Opportunities

With the agency already putting in the work to continue growing and developing the brand, the buyer will have an excellent foundation to build upon to make them truly shine. They could start by enhancing their existing software to strengthen their appeal and customer loyalty, and build out an app and technology stacks to expand upon their offerings.

Increasing their sales team would also be beneficial for the brand’s long-term growth, as well as adding to their current marketing campaign. They could accomplish this through continued social selling on LinkedIn, ad words for Google Search- which the brand is already currently setting up to text- and proactive outreach for earned media opportunities.


This established agency is trusted by a truly impressive client base, and for good reason. They are consistently working to provide their clients with the best possible services for the best possible results, and striving to improve with each passing day. The buyer could either continue the brand’s growth and expansion to ultimately be repurchased by a larger agency, or polish it to have a business that produces consistent cash flows and profits.

This Digital Marketing Company is Represented by:

Technology Business Brokers

WC 3308

Asking Price
$ 7,565,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,891,000
Gross Income
$ 4,213,000
Year Established

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