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7 Year DTC eCommerce Brand – Automotive & Anime Mixed Verticals – Offering Apparel, Mystery Boxes & Accessories – 40% Repeat Order Rate – Over 1 Million Followers


Website Closers® presents a 7-year-old eCommerce Brand that has sped to success in their market. Their products appeal heavily to both the Auto & Anime sectors, as both are prominently featured in their designs. Most of their products are designed for them, and they have developed a reputation for some of the most unique, first-rate designs within their niche. The company has also acquired a lucrative licensing deal with the Yu-gi-oh brand, which has let them add licensed products to their store. This has been a popular move with the company’s customer base.

Initially known for their selection of niche-themed apparel, this trademarked brand has since branched out into other categories such as backpacks, mystery boxes, and vehicle floor mats. They have built their collection up to over 150 SKUs and have an Average Order Value of $87. The company is also immensely popular on social media, with over 1 million followers. This thriving presence, supplemented with their thorough marketing campaign, has elevated the business to the impressive size they are today.

Outside of their products, one of the cornerstones of the company’s success has been their consistent activity on their social media accounts. They post twice a day viral car posts, letting them connect and engage effectively with the vehicle enthusiasts that make up their audience. Throughout the years, their accounts have grown into massive presences, with their Facebook having over 44,700 followers, and, quite impressively, their Instagram having well over 1 Million. Additionally, both accounts are fully verified, showing just how well-established they’ve become on both websites.

Social media, while a highly effective channel, is not their only marketing strategy. They have over 300,000 total contacts in their email database, as well as roughly 25,000 in their text list, and make use of both with consistent messages three times per week. They also use paid ads on Facebook and run an affiliate program that brings in about $15,000 every month. On top of all this, the company sets itself apart in their advertising by having their own mobile app, as well. The app has over 10,000 subscribers and has let them reach out to their customers in a way that other businesses are unable to do.

The company’s excellent product line, coupled with the strength of their marketing campaign, has won them over a following that’s both massive and exceptionally loyal. They have hundreds of five-star reviews on their website, see an average of over 7,000 viewers to their website every month, and boast an astounding Repeat Customer Rate of 40%. Their consumer base is largely made up of men between the ages of 18 and 30 with a strong interest in automobiles.

A buyer can look forward to many scale opportunities for the brand, starting with their advertising practices. The company can supplement their existing campaign by adding an SEO plan to their website, which, through the use of keywords, would make them appear much more frequently in related searches. TikTok is also full of untapped potential, as it’s another popular social media platform, and the company’s prior experience with social media will allow them to easily find their footing there. Influencer marketing could help with growing this new channel, and with the business as a whole, as their sway over larger audiences on social media would let the brand reach a new wave of potential customers.

The company could also expand on its current product line in several ways. The first, given the overwhelming success of the Yu-gi-oh partnership, would be to acquire more licensing deals. As their audience consists of anime fans, products featuring other anime are likely to sell very well. They could also lean into their vehicle theming by adding car parts, which are higher-value items that would let customers better improve and customize their cars.

Events would be another great way to scale. In-person car events and auto trade shows would be fantastic places to market the business and would let them cultivate an even stronger reputation within these communities. They could also choose to run a few events of their own, such as car giveaways. The company’s competitors often earn over 8 figures from these giveaways, which is promising for they decide to run a few themselves.

As the company currently doesn’t sell from Amazon, that would also pose a great way to grow their profits, and their customer base. Millions of people worldwide use Amazon on a regular basis, and expanding to the platform would let them diversify their sales channels, and access more customers than ever before. Amazon would also make it easier to pursue international expansion, as while the company does sell in several countries, they haven’t been able to explore it in-depth.

This acquisition is one that’s raring to go. Their incredible reputation, first-rate designs, and affordability have established them firmly within a lucrative niche and provided them with plenty of room to skyrocket in the future. A buyer will be able to enjoy an easy transition upon purchase as well as, despite the company’s size, management has been built in such a way that it’s both lean and highly efficient.

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Asking Price
$ 2,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 425,464
Gross Income
$ 4,611,787
Year Established