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7 Year eCommerce Brand that combines Anime & Cars to create unique Apparel, Mystery Boxes and Accessories – Highly Sticky Buyers – Strong Social Presence


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company that has raced to the top of its niche. This fantastic 7-year-old business first found its audience through its collection of themed apparel, and, once their customer base was established, expanded into vehicle floor mats, backpacks, and their ever-popular mystery boxes. They have worked their product line up to 150 SKUs across their lifetime and achieved a notable Average Order Value of $87. One of the company’s biggest strengths is their savviness with social media, as the over one million followers that they’ve gained across their accounts have served as a great source of organic marketing. Their active engagement with their fans thoughtfully planned marketing campaigns, and delightful product lines have all contributed to the massive success that they have accomplished.

Their products are geared towards the anime and vehicle enthusiast niche, weaving both markets together to create highly appealing designs. The quality of their designs is so strong, in fact, that they are well regarded as a top provider for some of the most unique and top-of-the-line products within their niche. They have even been able to acquire an invaluable licensing deal with the Yu-gi-oh brand, which, as a popular classic among many anime fans, has brought in plenty of customers looking for licensed merchandise. The licensing deal has earned them over $683,000 in profit since the launch of the themed products, testifying to its effectiveness among the company’s consumer base.

Though their products have, of course, served as the backbone of their popularity, their excellent social media marketing tactics have played a large role in their glowing reputation. The company has remained consistently active on their various social media accounts, creating viral posts about vehicles twice a day, and interacting with their avid fans and followers. This regular communication with their audience has let them develop into a well-known figure in the market, with their Facebook account having over 44,700 followers, and their Instagram, their most popular account, having over one million. Both accounts have even been officially verified, reflecting how much they have grown since their debut.

The company doesn’t just rely on their organic advertising, however. They run paid advertising on Facebook and maintain an affiliate program that leads to roughly $15,000 in profits every month. They also make use of the 300,000 contacts in their email database and 25,000 in their text list, sending out messages about three times a week to keep their customers informed and otherwise hooked. They even take a unique strategy when compared to their competitors by having their own mobile app, which now has over 10,000 subscribers to its name.

Their marketing campaign, outstanding products, and years of hard work have won them the hearts of many loyal customers. Their website hosts hundreds of enthusiastic five-star reviews, along with a monthly average of 7,000 views, and they have a remarkable Repeat Order Rate of 40%. Their key demographic is made up largely of male vehicle fans between the ages of 18 and 40, who are happy to spend money on products that reflect their interests.

There are many scale opportunities in this company’s future, with one being to improve their marketing campaign. They could build upon their existing advertising practices by implementing an SEO plan, and adding keywords to product titles and descriptions to improve their overall search ratings. Building up a following on TikTok would also be a wise decision, seeing that the brand’s prior experience with social media would let them quickly go viral on such a popular platform. Influencer marketing would bolster the company’s growth on this new account, and draw attention to the rest of the brand, as the influence they hold over their audiences can attract scores of new customers.

The company could also focus on adding promising new SKUs to their product line. Given the overwhelming success of their Yu-gi-oh deal, pursuing more partnerships and licensing deals with other brands would likely also be quite profitable. Products that feature other classic anime titles would be well-received among the company’s consumer base and strengthen their position within the anime niche. They could also start selling car parts to better embrace their vehicle theme, which would not only let customers more easily customize their cars, but raise the company’s AOV thanks to their status as high-value products.

Attending events such as auto trade shows would also present great new ways to market the company, and strengthen their standing within the community. Alternatively, they could launch a few events of their own, as competitors who have done so regularly earn over 8 figures. By doing car giveaways and other, similar events, the company could drum up interest and excitement, and reach the same level of profit as their competition.

Seeing that they haven’t yet expanded to Amazon, doing so would offer another great way to scale. Amazon is one of, if not the most, popular online storefronts, with millions of users around the world. Expanding to Amazon would diversify the company’s sales channels, give them access to a larger customer base, and make it much easier to pursue international expansion. Though the company does already sell in multiple countries, Amazon’s global websites would allow them to sell more effectively in other regions.

With fantastic designs, affordable prices, and a solid reputation in their niche, this company is ready to put the pedal to the metal. Despite their size, management is lightweight and efficient, meaning that a buyer will easily be able to transition upon purchase and start growing the brand.

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$ 503,587
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$ 5,012,906
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