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7 Year eCommerce Pet Company – Premium Puppy Provider with High Traffic Website and a $9,000 Average Order Value


Website Closers® presents a solid reminder that dogs are the most preferred pet in the world, and we all love our canines. Puppies are an astonishingly lucrative market, and this company has become a pillar in the community for happy, healthy dogs. Starting off with a retail shop that sold puppies to families eagerly looking for a pet, this brand has expanded its online presence to offer an impressive list of services for pet owners along with a long track record of happily matching families with the puppy they have fall in love with. It’s not only a solid business success story, but a heartwarming one too.

From the start, this company’s core mission has been to provide superior customer service to everyone in contact with them. Their website has become emblematic of that commitment. As the brand expanded sales online through their eCommerce site, the company began offering services that significantly enhance the pet buying experience. One of these services is their proprietary “Puppy Finder” service on their website, which can be used to help families track down the right breed of dog for them.

A blog was also added to provide plenty of useful information about different puppies, breeds, and pet care. These have become invaluable services for high-paying pet lovers.

In the past seven years, this company’s reputation for providing healthy and adorable puppies, along with their informative website services, has enabled this business to grow significantly. And their customer base has grown right along with them. In the beginning, it was all about offering the kind of top breeds that customers were looking for. Today their excellent customer attention and convenient online services have only made them stronger.

Since being launched, their online services have helped drive significant organic traffic to their site, and the company now enjoys a massive 400+ customer contacts every day. Their reputation has grown immensely: Repeat customers now make up 20% of sales, and many of them have given this brand highly complimentary and enthusiastic reviews, both for the puppy they’ve taken home and for the excellent customer service they were given.

This is a booming industry. More and more retail pet stores today are offering the sale of puppies as well as other animals online to reach a wider audience.

In fact, online pet sales are thriving for the same reason that homes can now get effectively sold online: a photo says a thousand words. Just as a photo of the stunning interior of a home can convince a prospective buyer to act quickly, photos of irresistibly cute puppies can instantly capture the heart of the viewer. This industry keeps expanding because Americans have a passion for their pets and a desire to give them the very best. That’s why billions are being spent on everything from pet food and toys to veterinary services.  This brand fully understands those sentiments, and their passion for their customers has contributed to their strong brand recognition.

The company’s success is also impressive considering that the puppy industry is a unique one. Buying a puppy simply isn’t like ordering the common household products that we use every day. Customers develop a much stronger emotional attachment to their pets, which is why they start out looking for the perfect match. That’s part of what makes this a challenging industry to operate in. Customers have much different expectations about their final purchase. When purchasing a puppy, consumers can be expected to show up armed with considerably more information about what they want, and to be far more demanding about what they expect.

This company was founded in August 2014 as a family-owned business that wanted to help find ways to give puppies a loving home. They started with a main flagship store in Chantilly, Virginia before discovering a larger audience through their eCommerce site.

The brand has always thrived by offering customers a wide selection of breeds, including Chihuahuas, Chow Chows, French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers. Typically, the company will make as many as 120 puppies available. The company maintains high standards when it came to selecting breeders for the puppies they market. The breeders they contract with provide the best possible care for their pups.

With an average order value of $9,000, sales are exceptionally strong and have delivered tremendous profits in recent years. The company buys new breeds on a weekly basis and stocks up to $250,000 worth of breeds. Sales remain steady year-round.

Among their newest services, the company offers key financial information to customers, previewing different financing options available to those buyers who may be interested in securing a loan.

With plenty of photos of the puppies available to adopt, their website is perfectly designed to quickly grab the emotions of their customers and keep them interested. There is also a video gallery with videos about their breeders, and a series of photos of the puppies that were recently adopted and are now enjoying the benefits of a loving home. It’s no surprise the site keeps their customers engaged and coming back.

The company benefits from a strong social media following. Posted photos of their puppies have done wonders to drive organic traffic to the site. Their SEO program includes their well-read blog, and their email database of 60,000+ subscribers has been successfully used for email marketing campaigns. Paid display ads on social media sites through Google Search Network and videos about their puppies posted on their YouTube channel drive sales as well.

The weekly workload for this business isn’t a lot. The current owner has a CEO in place to run day to day operations, so he spends only about 5 hours per week focused on overseeing financials and strategizing for future growth opportunities. Their employees handle daily operations, while contractors are used to oversee SEO and website maintenance. A company this successful is easy to scale. A new owner could add new services such as pet training services, products, subscription options and more. Enhanced digital marketing – including use of video marketing to drive traffic to the website, expanded email marketing campaigns, and additional PPC ads on Google – could also help the company increase sales.

Across the nation, retail sales of pet products and services soared past $107 billion in 2020, which was up 9% over 2019. Families spent $42 billion on pet food in 2020 and $31 billion in veterinary care, meaning puppies are enormous business today.

This is a terrific opportunity for a new buyer, since all aspects of pet care is an evergreen industry, and one that attracts new customers every day. The phenomenal profits this company has earned demonstrate how well they have nurtured and connected with their customer base.

As long as families and individuals adore the idea of adopting a pet, this business will continue to grow. That gives a buyer a tremendous opportunity to dramatically increase those profits.

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