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8 Year eCommerce Business in the Luxury Gifts, Home Decor and Tableware Verticals – FBA & FBM Mix – Multiple Sales Channel


Website Closers® presents an 8-year-old, multi-channel eCommerce company in the lucrative market of dinnerware, home décor and premium gifts. Their nearly 5,800 SKUs are of premium quality and sold at a price that makes them stand out from the competition. They market these SKUs from a diverse range of sales channels and have developed a solid reputation for their brand on each one. Their offerings are wildly varied with no real SKU concentration and are all crafted to guarantee customers the perfect touch to decorating their homes. For the dining room, they have fine silverware, tea sets, and decanters to create a sense of undeniable luxury.

For the living room, they offer beautiful wall clocks and decorative trinkets. And for the kitchen, they have lines of cookware, bakeware, and barware. They also sell outdoor products, such as picnic sets and tote carrier bags for wine.

Whether a customer is looking for the perfect gift for their friends and loved ones, or simply eager to find something to decorate their own home with, the brand has enough products to appeal to anyone’s unique tastes and preferences. The company sees an Average Order Value of $58.12 and attracts more than 9,000 monthly visitors on average to their official, branded website.

Additionally, despite marketing themselves as a brand perfect for gift-finding, their sales are not restricted to the holiday season. Sales see little seasonality and perform consistently well year-round among consumers.

The company makes its SKUs available on multiple sales platforms, including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, along with their own Shopify website. Their Amazon storefront has seen the most growth by far, making up most of their sales. They have built up a strong reputation on Amazon, with a remarkable 4.5 Star Seller Rating, and 95% Lifetime Positive Reviews. The market that they operate within is thriving, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The global market for home décor was worth a phenomenal $682 billion USD in 2021, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% to $898.3 billion by 2027. This is thanks to the real estate industry experiencing a surge in popularity, which has led to homeowners eager to sell their houses, interior decorators, and real estate agents alike purchasing new furnishings and décor to make their offerings more appealing.

The increase of globalization and urbanization is another factor driving this dizzying market growth. As the world becomes more interconnected and developing economies express heightened interest in home décor products, the industry keeps getting stronger. This also causes a wider variety of products and designs to enter the market, and become more attainable to the average person.

The rise of eCommerce has made these products even more accessible, as a customer no longer has to visit an in-person retailer to pick up premium decorations. eCommerce also tends to be more affordable, with customers receiving regular updates on discounts, special deals, and other valuable information to get the best items at the cheapest price.

There is an abundance of opportunities for this massive company to grow from here. The brand is structured in such a way that the product line has limitless expansion potential.

For instance, they could add variations of their existing products, or spread out into other product categories such as rugs or picture frames. By building a comprehensive SEO program, they would be able to increase the amount of organic traffic they bring to any new products, along with their established lines, and ensure steady profits. They could also develop their email marketing campaigns, which would enable them to better inform customers of discounts, new product lines, and other relevant information worth sharing.

While they already utilize ads on Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram, building a more comprehensive PPC advertising program would strengthen the amount of traffic they attract on a regular basis. They could strengthen their accounts on various social media platforms by posting more frequently, engaging with their audience, and sharing more photos of their products. They could encourage their audience to send in photos of their own purchases, which would let them showcase how the different items look in a more casual setting. This would boost their organic traffic and strengthen a sense of brand loyalty among their customers.

Their sales channels could be made even more diverse by spreading onto new marketplaces such as Target. They could take advantage of their popularity on Amazon for easy expansion into the international market as well, by starting storefronts on Amazon UK, Amazon Mexico, and its many other global platforms. This international expansion would be highly beneficial for the company, bringing in new customer bases and sending profits soaring.

If they wanted to keep it simple, they could also focus on improving their existing channels as well, strengthening sales and growing better established.

A new buyer will find that the transition will be made smoother by the current owner, since they are offering 3 free months of training as part of the process. The seller has 8 years of knowledge and experience under their belt, meaning that, even if the buyer is relatively inexperienced, they will be given a fantastic way of learning the ropes and getting a foothold in the industry.

Well-established, highly respected, and soundly structured, this acquisition poses an unbelievable chance for buyers to get into a market used by a wide global population. If you’d like to hear more details about this opportunity, then contact Website Closers to talk with our brokers.

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