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9 Year Lead Generation Company for the Healthcare Industry – Low CAC – 90% Organic Traffic – 80,000 Monthly Website Visitors

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Website Closers® presents a Lead Generation Website that offers detailed Healthcare Information on sensitive topics in an unbiased fashion. The aim is to direct users to testing centers in their locations and earn commissions from the referrals. Due to the nature of the information provided, the company is highly recession resilient.

Core offerings include a comprehensive 10-Test Panel, enabling users to get a holistic evaluation of their sexual health, and individual STD tests for those seeking specific information. In addition to these fundamental services, the company also provides an optional Early HIV Detection add-on.

The marketing strategy centers around organic traffic. Generating high-quality content and presenting users with listings of nearby clinics facilitates their search for testing facilities, drawing them to the site and aiding them in achieving their objectives.

Revenue Generation

The business generates commissions on leads generated through two primary methods: Phone and Online.

Online, users visit a dedicated page to receive valuable insights differentiating between private and public options. While online, they then are able to explore nearby testing locations, clicking through to the chosen facility’s website to review pricing and proceed with their test booking directly. If the selected testing site is a private facility, users are directed through a unique affiliate tracking link, and the company earns a commission when a successful transaction takes place.

The phone channel follows a similar pattern, with users dialing the company’s contact number to make a booking. A company agent subsequently dispatches an SMS or email containing a unique tracking link, complete with the caller’s ticket number. In this manner, commissions are also earned.

Management collaborates with two key service partners, redirecting visitors to these partners’ platforms for checkout and facilitating the testing process at a conveniently located laboratory.

Value Propositions

This company offers a range of compelling value propositions that make it an attractive investment opportunity. It boasts a light workload, with the current owners dedicating only 5 to 10 hours weekly to its management. With minimal incremental effort, buyers can seamlessly take over operations, especially with the option to work alongside the existing team of proficient independent contractors if desired.

In addition, the business boasts low fixed costs, primarily revolving around hosting and subscription-based software. This structure enhances financial stability and predictability. Moreover, customer acquisition costs are minimal, as much of the expenditure related to attracting organic traffic, such as creating high-quality curated content, has already been incurred. The result is high net margins of approximately 75%. Despite operating in a high-competition space, management astutely reaps the rewards with a high revenue-per-user for each website visit.

With a foundation built on organic traffic, the website demonstrates resilience to Google algorithm changes, a testament to its organic strength. Its vast volume of pages with human-written content developed over the years ensures diversity and robustness. The website even outperforms established brands in many cities, showcasing its authority.

Company Assets 

A prospective buyer will acquire a valuable array of assets, each contributing to its appeal and potential for growth. Firstly, they will gain ownership of a high-traffic website that serves as a beacon for individuals needing immediate STD testing services. This steady stream of visitors typically needs urgent attention, making it a prime platform for connecting users to testing facilities swiftly and efficiently.

Additionally, the buyer will inherit a well-oiled sales funnel mechanism capable of directing traffic toward conversions on any website offering these medical testing services.

One of the most substantial benefits is the extensive investment made in content over nine years, involving hundreds of human writers with diverse skill sets. This treasure trove of high-quality content adds immense value by providing users with reliable, unbiased information. The material has been meticulously crafted to cater to users’ needs for credible information, offering a resource of unparalleled depth and breadth.

The acquisition also includes an impressive portfolio of over 5,200 location pages spanning the entire United States, meticulously designed to meet Google’s on-page SEO guidelines. This strategic approach results in organic traffic from all 50 states, reflecting Google’s favorability towards the website.

Furthermore, a new owner will have access to informational medical content written and vetted by practicing medical doctors, instilling trust and credibility in the information provided. This authoritative content ensures that users can rely on the website as a source of accurate and dependable medical knowledge.

Further benefits include a high-converting, cost-effective, and easily manageable call center operation. Equipped with call scripts, detailed documentation, and a proficient team, it has the capacity to handle a significantly greater volume of calls, offering substantial potential for scaling up and enhancing customer service.

This business possesses an evergreen quality that presents lucrative opportunities for a diverse range of potential buyers. Its enduring nature stems from the perennial demand for STD testing services and the website’s robust foundation.

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Asking Price
$ 8,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,772,567
Gross Income
$ 5,378,358
Year Established

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