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Affiliate Marketing Agency Targeting Startup Services for Small Business Owners – 96% Profit Margins – Established Operational Team – 6,000 Monthly Visitors


Website Closers® presents an Affiliate, Performance Marketing Business that targets registered agents and LLC service recommendations around the US with industry-related keywords. In contrast, the target market is individuals aiming to start a company. The primary website receives around 6,000 visitors per month—a number that continues to grow—and commission is earned when readers purchase a recommended product or service. All sales are driven through search engine optimization.

The website was first built in 2018. Initially, it was a low-priority website, but it became a priority in late 2020 and made its first commission in January 2021. Since then, revenue has skyrocketed, with 300% year-over-year growth, astonishing net margins, and site visits increasing each month.

Advice is offered on:

  • Small business statistics
  • How to start an LLC
  • How to start a business

Apart from meager hosting and speed optimization costs of $20 each month, there are no working capital requirements a buying entity will require. The only notable costs currently are related to growing the website, which will be solely at the buyer’s discretion.

The owner endures a light workload of only four hours weekly. Her primary tasks involve liaising with the virtual assistant about which new topics to incorporate, answering the writer’s questions about how new content pieces should be structured, and strategizing with the editor on keywords to include and exclude.

Despite the immense success the business has achieved, there are various scale opportunities to explore. Aggressive link-building campaigns could provide substantial returns as minimal link-building has been conducted on the website. Creating additional content to support the existing niches and position the website as more of a topical authority could further boost revenue.

The website makes money through three different business service recommendation niches.

It appears as though Google views it as a business service recommendation website. As a result, there is scope to expand into other business service recommendations such as payroll processors, merchant facilities, VOIP facilities, accounting software, project management tools, and beyond. The list of possible new niches is enormous.

Optimizing the website speed may be worthwhile by implementing plugins and code fixes. Site speed ensures an impressive user experience, directly influences conversion rates and improves search engine rankings. With recent changes to Google Search ranking, a fast load speed is even more critical as a competitive edge.

An aggressive social media campaign, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn, could be an excellent lead-generation strategy and yield lucrative results. Focusing on Facebook business groups and targeting new entrepreneurs is worth considering.

The business is lean, highly efficient, and well-systemized. Few special skills are required for a new owner to integrate seamlessly and begin running the operation. SEO knowledge would be beneficial but not necessary. It could easily be outsourced if required or to reduce the owner’s workload further.

The market is thriving and will stay that way. Four out of five brands have affiliate programs. According to the most recent trends, they should be present on as many networks as possible to reach the greatest number of affiliates. Two or more affiliate programs are used by 90% of publishers. The US is the most prominent player in the industry, with a market share of 40%, and many advertisers generate up to a third of all sales from affiliate programs.

Promoting other businesses goods and services through affiliate marketing is a terrific money-making method. This procedure takes much less time than alternative marketing strategies and can be run remotely. It becomes obvious why the future of affiliate marketing is bright, given that advertisers don’t have to spend a dollar unless the desired action has occurred.

This accomplished website has added immense value to its readers and advertisers in an ever-growing niche and has reaped the rewards. The track record and financials demonstrate that this business fully understands how to engage both parties and swiftly grow profits. Subsequently, it’s a hot listing, enviable to even the most judicious entrepreneur.

This Technology Firm is Represented by:

Tech & Internet Business Brokers

WC 2961

Asking Price
$ 2,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 681,351
Gross Income
$ 688,033
Year Established