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Affiliate Marketing Network – 1,000+ Affiliates – 130 Advertising Partners – Multiple Verticals & Markets – 31% Net Profit Margin


Website Closers® presents a flourishing Affiliate Network that helps website owners, bloggers, social media influencers, content creators, email marketers, and media buyers find the best offers for their audience.

As the digital marketing industry exploded in the late 90s and early 2000s, it became exceedingly difficult for publishers and advertisers to manage the buying and selling of ad inventory. Ad networks brought order to this chaos by routing transactions through them.

This network has a global reach with thousands of publishers and affiliates worldwide. Offers cover a wide range of verticals, including gambling, casinos, forex, cryptocurrency, bingo, shopping, insurance, and finance and payday loans.

Affiliate marketing continues to grow as businesses lean towards spending their marketing efforts on conversions. This company has a professional, dedicated affiliate base who are incentivized in accordance with their tenure. It also has highly successful SEO in place, providing many scale opportunities in terms of marketing and PPC advertising.

Additionally, the business helps others maximize their marketing efforts. Their advertising partners and marketing tools make reaching larger audiences and attracting customers and consumers easy, driving sales via marketers’ websites.

With so many potentially lucrative partnerships, it’s tough to choose which companies to partner with as a marketer. This company does the heavy lifting for clients by providing information about each company and its products within the network. Clients receive stats on how much they pay per month in commissions and what type of traffic converts well from their websites.

Nobody wants to waste money on advertising campaigns with no return on investment, and the network’s advertisers are proven to convert. These high-performance brands and companies offer clients the growth they are looking for.

The business’s success is primarily based on its performance for advertisers and affiliates.

It’s the number one choice for so many advertisers because its network of affiliates provides quality traffic that converts. For affiliates, a range of CPA, CPL, and revenue share offers are possible on the platform. With dedicated account managers, the company will assist in getting the most out of a campaign and offer advice on how to increase conversion rates.

This impactful global network is a dynamic business with a reputation for staying ahead of the game. With strong relationships across the industry, this network brings clients significant revenue. The company is ready and able to board more brands in more verticals. Currently, this business carries over 130 advertiser partners. Each advertiser’s product has gone through a strict vetting process to ensure quality. Adding different niche advertisers is another opportunity for rapid scale.

On a day-to-day basis, this company attracts excellent brands. It offers and then proceeds to introduce those advertisers to top-tier affiliates creating a marketing ecosystem that propels sales worth millions of dollars. These connections become a reliable flow of commissions, driving many customers to leading brands and partners. The network has 15+ new brands and advertisers signing monthly.

The owners have a flexible workload. A buyer could fully automate the business with sound systems and processes for minimal interaction, depending on how much they want to be involved.

The existing owners oversee strategy, formulate systems and processes, delegate tasks to staff members, conduct weekly meetings, and engage in account management where necessary. They’re also responsible for approving and making payments once per month. Third-party payment systems can be used to reduce time with this task.

Two additional full-time employees work as account managers and manage advertisers and affiliates. One content marketer and a bookkeeper work on a part-time basis. These staff members manage the bulk of operations.

The website is responsible for all sign-ups and is currently getting around 1000 new users visiting the site monthly. Lead generation comes from highly targeted keywords, including iGaming affiliate programs. It is also placed on relevant websites and pages that generate high-quality affiliate sign-ups. This company has thrived through its globally connected affiliate network and powerful technology platform.

This network is known for reliably delivering exceptional returns with a highly talented and results driven team. The business model creates and maintains exceedingly profitable interpersonal relationships between brands and their respective account managers. This has translated into an industry-wide reputation of integrity, quality, and effective partnership that consistently brings in new client leads. It would be tough to replicate what has been created – both from a perspective of an affiliate base, as well as quality results and earnings.

It’s implausible that the customer base for this business will ever show signs of diminishing. As long as there are products and services to be marketed to the global public, advertisers and publishers will be eager to deliver their message to them. This brand has succeeded in getting those two key industries to create a smooth and efficient way to operate together. Their track record and gross revenues demonstrate that they fully understand how to do that. Now, it’s up to a new buyer to guide this business to an even more prominent position within the lucrative niche.

This Tech Company is Represented by:

Technology & Internet Business Brokers

WC 2825

Asking Price
$ 2,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 585,110
Gross Income
$ 1,866,674
Year Established