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Ag Tech Internet Company – Certifications & Audits Provider to the Agricultural Space

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Website Closers® presents a niche offering … an ANSI-Approved Certifying Body that provides Certifications and Audits throughout the B2B Agriculture space. With services such as the Global Food Safety Initiative, also known as GFSI, compliant auditing and as well as GFSI certifications, this niche business is the global gold-standard in this space. These certifications allow agriculture professionals to work directly with food processors and manufacturers of any nationality and quality level. Carrying a compelling 95% recurring customer rate, this 8 year established compliance service expert has monumental room to scale.

An ISO/IEC certified auditor, this enticing company has a rich depth of flavor that any business-minded buyer could grow impactfully.  Leveraging industry relationship building, improved marketing tactics, trade show networking, team extensions, and expanded service offerings, the incoming owner of this high-grade acquisition could swiftly and seamlessly scale this company. Offering strong growth possibilities along with their fully established, lucrative foundation, this company is an invaluable, niche investment.

With a current annual growth rate of 10% – 15%, this brightly flourishing business leverages many key nutrients to grow reliably and effectively. From high quality, compliant offerings to vast word of mouth growth, this company has been scaling organically over the last 8 years. Building on this fertile foundation, the incoming buyer could implement impactful marketing strategies such as email marketing, industry networking, trade show participation, SEO enhancements, and advertising placements to drive further awareness and industry integration.

An invaluable service, this certification and auditing service provider has the distinctive advantage of working in a profitable niche that is both a necessity and a low competition space. Carrying an average order value between $1,500 and $2,500, this promising certification management company can boost sales impactfully just by raising awareness. Campaigns that could accomplish this goal include PPC efforts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and industry specific forums. Developing this brand further, the utilization of both SEO enhancements and search engine advertisements are also promising paths to extended success. Working to improve this company’s prospects, a capable incoming owner could raise their market share of voice by participating in trade shows and building relationships throughout the category. For such a specified space, the key to growing this company lies in reaching the correct audience.

Spending up to 10 hours each week on growing and maintaining this business, the founder is responsible for setting strategic goals, training employees, special projects, trouble shooting, and customer service. Attending to the other operational needs of this company, the staff includes a president, lead program manager who is also the SEO, a program manager, 2 scheme managers, 3 technical managers, a singular administrator and 10 auditors. To help take on an increased workload, hiring more auditors could greatly increase the overall profitability of this company.

A company with strong industry roots, this business is a solid investment for one with experience in the agricultural sector, or for one interested in the sector and wanting to learn the business from an owner, plus reap the rewards of many years of learnings. With an impactful, niche, necessary offering, the incoming owner of this company could simply sit back and harvest the organic results, or jump in with innovative marketing tactics, trade show participation, industry relationship building and more. With a strong and highly profitable business model as well as plentiful opportunities for growth, this certifications hub is an amazing acquisition for any buyer.

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Listing ID: WC2217

Asking Price
$ 1,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 346,000
Gross Income
$ 1,200,000
Year Established

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