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All In One Recurring Revenue Website Hosting, Design & Marketing Studio – a Reseller Network is in Place


Website Closers® presents an innovative, strategic digital website hosting service that delivers a proprietary and cloud-based website solution with built-in redundancy to create a powerful platform that never misses a beat. Started back in 2013, this company drives incredible Monthly Recurring Revenue through reliability, quality, and expertise. In addition to their proprietary software, this company leverages a reseller network to optimize profit. A unique model, this reseller framework guarantees continued sales by providing monthly business leads directly to their Resellers.

That being said, there lies tremendous opportunity to scale this company through other impactful marketing initiatives as well as website creation and optimization service build outs. The current owner has detailed how this process would work and has started to build the necessary framework for such service expansions. A proven company that is already on its way to exponential growth, this is an unrivaled acquisition opportunity.

This company has very clean books and records. It is a prime candidate for a Qualified Buyer to acquire this business for as little as 5-10% down, amortized over an entire decade, using one of Website Closers’ Lending Partners. This provides an incredible opportunity to achieve an ROI very quickly after acquisition.

Operating via a white label model, this website hosting service works with resellers rather than directly with end users. Providing their products through multiple resellers, this streamlined company provides an in-depth technological infrastructure that delivers secure website hosting while leveraging the skills of each reseller to create a recurring revenue model that demands no specialized understanding of websites or technology in general.

Willing to stay on as needed, the current owner of this company dedicates 5-10 hours each week to maintaining and growing this proven company. Their responsibilities center on daily employee oversight and management along with monthly billing reports and invoicing which occurs on the first of each and every month.

At the moment, this company utilizes 3 staff members who are all subcontractors. Their current workers include an operations manager, a data entry and telephone operator, and a freelance WordPress developer. Running the daily functions of this company, the operations manager oversees the needs of the resellers as well as directs and tracks the work of the other employees. The data entry and telephone operator works much like a virtual assistant, taking calls and addressing reseller concerns while also documenting all incoming data. Finally, the freelance WordPress developer works to update the main website while tweaking the website hosting platform as needed.

Additionally, this brand works with a custom reseller network; similar to an affiliate network, these innovative partnerships drive reliable purchasing activity to the benefit of all parties involved. That being said, there remains tremendous room to scale through expanded markets, improved marketing initiatives such as advertising placement, trade show participation, and product extensions.

With boundless ability to scale within a multitude of industries, this lucrative company drives incomparable revenue  while demanding little ownership involvement. As a highly automated offering, this opportunity is an incredible investment for any type of buyer. This business can be easily maintained and scaled by any capable entrepreneur making it an ideal acquisition and solid investment for any professional with interest in the eCommerce field.

This Web Hosting Company Represented by:

Website Closers

Tech, Internet & Digital Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2156



Asking Price
$ 4,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 936,439
Gross Income
$ 1,202,900
Year Established