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Featured here is a niche e-Commerce Internet retailer in the tobacco pipe, accessories and pipe tobacco category – one that makes for an excellent gift giving opportunity for just about any holiday or birthday for him.

Thanks to social and fashion trends shifting toward what was once considered anachronistic, this segment is well positioned to capitalize on the next generation. Featuring a six-year established foot hold in the segment, leveraging an organically ranked website selling direct, as well as eBay and a growing Amazon storefront, this comprehensive online retailer has cast a wide net on the category and has captured a wide variety of highly salient verticals and cross sells in the space.

This business ranks on page 1 on all major search engines for virtually all relevant keywords in this category, offering a foothold for growth that is unparalleled in the space. This is a rare organic-level placement that is highly valuable in and of itself.

Featuring an in-house stock-and-ship model to maximize margins, this business features the fastest moving, highest margin SKUs in the segment – from briars to hand-carved Turkish Meerschaum, even the timeless Corn Cob Pipe – destination sales are buttressed by impulse purchase up-sells and consumable repeat purchases for maximum revenue recurrence to lock-in repeat buyers and establish a foundation of lifetime repeat customers.

Thanks to the nature of this segment, self-determinant buyers sample and select from high-margin consumable tobacco and pipe cleaning products which they will invariably purchase on a routine basis, as a matter of course – seeing a desirable average ticket value at over $78.00 per purchase, this lineup of over 4,200 products suits a wide variety of tastes. Catering to the both the fashionable novice and the discriminating connoisseur alike with a comprehensive offering from affordable short briars all the way to exotic Civil War-era Clay throw backs, consumables are equally well-furnished to accommodate tastes reaching all corners of the globe; whether your customer is after novelty aromatics or a distinctive Kentucky Burley, this business suits the taste at the lowest price with a superior customer experience.

Thanks to the highly automated nature of this eCommerce retail business, no employees are required, and to date, profitable growth has been achieved on almost entirely organic traffic alone – nearly any entrepreneur can step in and take the helm of this easy-to-run business with very little training and a smooth transition of ownership. The opportunity for scale here is outstanding, thanks to the trending and seasonally favorable nature of the segment – with only nominal investment in paid advertising, this to-date organic producer can be taken to the next level and truly shine as the industry segment leader overall.

This Business Listed by:
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 1,700,000
Cash Flow
$ 365,000
Gross Income
$ 1,200,000
Year Established

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