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Amazon FBA Brand in the Beauty Consumer Products Vertical – #1 Best Seller Tag in Hair Removal – Massive YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents a smoothly strategic Amazon FBA Business that is experiencing a phenomenal 30% year over year growth rate. Operating within the highly lucrative field of Health & Wellness Consumer Products, this hair removal beauty brand drives incredible sales. Sales are conducted entirely on Amazon, where the company has thousands of reviews and a #1 Best Seller Tag.

The company has connected with its audience by marketing a hair removal product sourced from Asia, selling exclusively in the U.S. market. There is a fast-growing world market for hair removal products that offer permanent solutions. The global market for SKUs like these has been valued at $2 Billion and is expected to grow at a steady 5% CAGR through 2025.

This increasing demand is being fueled by consumer desire for convenient grooming products that can be used at home, for both men and women. There has been a growing acceptance of hair removal products among men across the globe, another key factor driving the market. With expansive predicted market growth, as well as the opportunity to grow the product assortment on the back of already stellar sales velocity, this company is well positioned for exponential scale over the next few years.

This company’s products are targeted to both genders, and the brand has experienced a stunning success rate with buyers among a wide age range, from 14 to 60. This is a business that understood exactly how to use Amazon to pinpoint its lucrative audience and then deliver the right products for their needs. Many of their Amazon reviews are from highly satisfied customers raving about how well the products have worked.

This company was launched in October 2019 to market an unrivaled product produced in a factory in China, an at-home laser hair remover that would provide permanent and painless removal, based on the designs of the professional equipment used in beauty salons. As an item the customer could use on their own, at their convenience, this offering has seen jaw dropping growth throughout their limited target market which offers the incoming owner vast scaling opportunities.

The products are listed on Amazon and marketed within the U.S. From the start, the brand effectively used PPC ads on Amazon and Facebook to promote their products, which has worked extraordinarily well to attract buyers. The current owner had the advantage of understanding the beauty products category and knowing how to appeal to customers. They selected products that anyone could use at home, were safe to use, and could produce the same results that the customer would otherwise have paid a professional salon to do.

Priced between $99 and $199, this company’s products began to soar on Amazon, and quickly became a #1 Best Seller in its category.  So, what worked so efficiently for this brand? Prior to launching this business, ownership studied the market potential of various beauty products, and which ones offered the strongest likelihood of sustainable sales growth. The chosen hair removal products seemed to offer the highest quality return ratio for the initial investment. That research proved to be stunningly accurate. With the PPC ads helping to direct customers to the product, sales began to pick up rapidly and have remained steady all year round, especially as beauty products are used consistently from January to December. The company soon discovered that the hair removal product category is also less competitive than most other categories on Amazon, especially within the booming beauty industry. This has been another key to success for and to building up such a diverse audience. Many more products are available to be launched using the same KPIs and identifiers used to locate the build this brand’s current product line.

This business’ customer demographics swiftly became extraordinarily strong, appealing to both men and women since the products offered a better financial option than a more costly treatment a salon might. The company also developed an appeal to consumers of all ages. Sales picked up so quickly that the brand now averages an inventory level of up to 120,000 items. Shipments are handled effectively through Fulfillment By Amazon, and orders come in quick enough that the average inventory turnaround is about 50 days with new inventory orders placed every week. The supplier is responsible for packaging the products for shipping, further streamlining their process.

Looking to grow, the brand could launch its first social media marketing campaign, posting on sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube to boost organic traffic to the Amazon platform.

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$ 6,100,000
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$ 1,277,590
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$ 3,191,074
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