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Amazon FBA Brand in the Blankets Category – 34% Margins – Simple to Operate Business – No Warehouse or Employees Necessary


Website Closers® presents a thriving FBA eCommerce business that has quickly become one Amazon’s best sources of various blankets – they are both comfortable and delightfully sentimental and receiving great marks for their quality. The brand has achieved several Amazon’s Choice Badges for keywords related to the products being sold. They also have excellent 36% Profit Margins, and an Average Order Value of about $29. It has thousands of positive reviews on its storefront and is in a fantastic position for additional growth in the future under proper management. The company’s main product line consists of its highly giftable blankets. Many of these blankets feature messages intended towards the recipient, giving them a heartfelt touch that many customers praise.

Along with their blankets, they also sell a few other items. With the exception of one product, all of the company’s products are trademarked, and all are sold Prime, giving them an edge over their competition. Their products have been incredibly popular on Amazon. Along with their collection of Amazon’s Choice badges, they have also earned an Amazon Seller rating of 4.8 stars, and countless reviews on their products praising their quality. Many of these reviews share stories about how much their loved ones enjoyed the blankets, which in many cases are purchased as gifts … with some going on to mention that they plan on buying from the store again. These claims have merit to them, as the company also sees an Average Customer Lifetime Value of about $40.

The rapid growth that the company has seen in the past few years has required little in the way of advertising. Their ACoS is at 5%, and they spend roughly $10 per day, per SKU. They utilize Amazon PPC to find new customers, along with the strength of their own reputation.

Because of this, it’s possible for the buyer to scale up the business simply by improving their current marketing campaign. They could implement PPC ads on Facebook and Google and create accounts on social media in order to generate organic growth. Partnering with influencers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram would be incredibly beneficial on this front, as influencers offer a straightforward way of accessing a vast new audience base.

Improved advertising methods would also help draw attention to new sales channels that the company establishes. They have already purchased a domain on Shopify, which, once properly built, could greatly increase the company’s profit margins. Other channels that the company could pursue would be Amazon’s international platforms, which, given their existing success on the main Amazon storefront, are highly promising. They would also allow the company to develop an international customer base, which would let them reach more consumer bases than ever before.

Additionally, they could also expand into retail locations, including Walmart, Target, and various home goods stores. Some of these stores have eCommerce websites, giving the company a possible in into selling wholesale and in physical locations. Doing so would make their products more accessible and convenient to purchase than ever before.

The company uses Amazon FBA for all their shipping needs, and even some of their warehousing. Because of this, no office or warehouse space is necessary for the business, making it easy to run from just about anywhere.

They have also been structured in such a way that, at the moment, the business has been able to function with no other employees outside of the owners. When necessary, they will hire a designer and sourcing agent on a freelancing basis, but for the most part the foundation of the business is upon the owners and their supplier.

Despite their lack of employees, the owners enjoy a minimal workload of only 10 hours per week. Their daily tasks consist primarily of managing inventory and PPC, and handling the very few customer service contacts they receive throughout the week. As the company grows, the buyer can elect to hire on new staff to handle their responsibilities, along with any other tasks that might come up, or otherwise shift things around to best suit them and their needs.

The company has plenty of room to scale in its current state. They could, for instance, expand upon their existing SKU line by adding new, complimentary products to their roster, such as pillows, and even themed mugs.

Adding new products is made easier by the company’s relationship with their supplier, which could be further strengthened as the company grows.

They could also bundle their top selling SKUs on Amazon in order to target higher subscribe, and, in turn, save their AOV. They could also improve their SEO on their products, and, once their Shopify storefront is developed, on their official website, in order to generate more sales and attract more interest overall.

This acquisition would be a comfortable purchase for any buyer, as it contains a vast amount of potential within its scale opportunities, and plethora of other benefits. If you would like to hear more about this incredible deal, then contact Website Closers today to learn more.

This Amazon FBA Business is Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 575,000
Cash Flow
$ 134,675
Gross Income
$ 377,337
Year Established